Break n Enter

No it wasn’t my property, thankfully. But I’m sure these boat owners are not going to be happy when they discover these funny but smelly uninvited guests have trashed the place.

They’re caught red-pawed in the act. Handcuff those sea otter! (oops! I mean river otters. Special thanks to Ken Peterson from Monterey Bay Aquarium for the correction)

Photos were taken on the dock at Brentwood College in Mill Bay at 19 hours and 33 minutes on the 31st day of August 2010.

Sprout Question: What relationship does humour have to your creativity?

Note: My solo exhibition, Sea, Land and Time, opens tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm . And Creative Potager has a new page Artist Biography .

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

32 thoughts on “Break n Enter

  1. Oh my gosh – I love it! And while those otters were sure having a blast, the owners aren’t going to be too pleased during the cleaning process.

    Sproud Question: What relationship does humour have to your creativity?

    They work hand-in-glove.

    Terrill, break a leg at your art show tomorrow. I’m so excited for you!

  2. Oy Vey, You should go back Terrill with a copy of a photo, so they know what got into their boat. Those guys where just having some fun. really!

    Is there humor in my creativity ? I don’t know I will have to ask it?

    Have a great exhibit/reception !!!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • You have a point Jeff. I am hoping that they are west coast people and will know exactly what happened to their little boat. However, my daughter teaches there so if photos are needed, she will know where to find them. I experience your work as more of an occasional chuckle that blossoms up through your serious exterior. Might be fun think about. Let us know what you discover. And thank you Jeff for the exhibit/reception wishes:)

  3. Oh! Look at these critters little faces! Humor just happens, ~ thankfully! I can sometimes be accused of not having a sense of humor; can not tell a joke w/o ruining the punchline usually, ~ but sometimes…. I have a good day, and get to roll on the ground in tears a little! This scene of a crime… Big smile!

    • Welcome to Creative Potager S. Yeagle. Glad you dropped in for a smile. I too can never tell a joke properly – except on a very rare occasion. I always get comments like I just ran a marathon when it goes well. Things like: Good Job! Well done! Not bad!

  4. Oh those crazie critters!
    Is there humor in my creativity? You bet! Animals have the ability to make us laugh and smile like nothing else.
    Best to you and have a great exhibit! How exciting!

    • Christine thanks and I was just over to your website. What a beautiful cat you have created. It looks like pastels but I’m not sure. All I know is that the cat is looking back. And thanks for the wishes. I have already started lugging the prints and painting down from the loft…next will be out to car.

    • Oops! I will go fix that right now. Don’t want to be leading people astray. The otters are a bad enough influence. Thank you Ken… no wonder I could not tell the difference between the otters I see along the coast here and the river otters from the interior of B.C. They are the same otter! How would you know Ken if we saw a sea otter?

  5. Adorable! If that was my boat I’d let them stay. My husband most certainly wouldn’t, however. Its so nice that I can play good spouse — bad spouse.

    Humour. Its so hard to right but I can stop myself from trying.

    Here’s an example…
    What did the military drummer say to the bulger?
    Sound off.

    Hope you’re laughing.

    I heard (or read) that it’s far easier to write to create tears than laughs. I am in awe of those who do it well.

  6. No worries! Sea otters are much larger (up to 40 or 60 lbs.), and less weasel-like in appearance. Their hind feet are more flipper-like, and the fur is uniformly dark brown. Older animals may have a “blonde” muzzle and head. And, the biggest “tell” of all: sea otters will likely be swimming or sleeping on their backs in the water. They are much less likely to venture ashore, and much less nimble when they’re on land.

  7. What fun! Love those otters. Poor boat owners, though…what a mess to clean up!

    Humor in my creativity? I laugh at myself a LOT. Sometimes it seems like I write too much funny stuff. Or that other people don’t realize it’s meant to be funny. Sometimes it’s hard to convey that you’re being humorous in print.

    Hope your exhibit is going marvelously!

    • Thanks Kathy… yes humour in print is for sure a challenge. Leanne mentioned this as well. Ever been reading a book and break out laughing and then been asked to read what you find so funny only to have the other person look at you strange – without even a smile? This happens to me sometimes.

    • Thank you Kay. The show is hung and I am off to bed here shortly. Tomorrow holds the promise of a long walk by the sea with a friend first thing and then just doing up odds and ends until the opening.

  8. LOL!!!

    This is better than finding one’s youngsters raiding cupboards looking for hidden cookie jars! Ask them….WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?

    Nothing. (they say)

    (oh and pssst, I updated what I was reading and cooking this morning)

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