Eat the green ones last

Not Smarties – blackberries. Their season of sun-filled juiciness is over. But there are still a few left. Even though they are not as good, I still pluck a partially green one off of the brambles to chew on as I walk…

Ah, one left.

And there is another one.

Then there are these. I see a wasp has broken into the juicy ripe casing of the one on the bottom ripe. It must be ready then. Let me see….

Sprout Question: If your creativity was a berry, which one would it be?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

10 thoughts on “Eat the green ones last

  1. This is a DELICIOUS post – I can almost taste those berries, Terrill.

    Sprout Question: If your creativity was a berry, which one would it be?

    RASPBERRY – straight to the point, no wondering, leaving a smile on your face and a few seeds in your teeth as a little something to work on later …

  2. i always like seeing fruit in its transition between green and ripe.
    Transitions bring to mind the joyous potential there is in life. I like to think my work is like those berries that are no longer just green but in a variety of changing color but not yet complete.
    endless potential.

    • Your work Jerry always amazes me. I admire your line or drawing work and your painting. Your skill is notable in both. Now some of your new work is exploring how these two methods may be successfully integrated. Your latest self portrait is a fine example.

      Dear readers, we are going to have Jerry back for a special feature post towards the end of September or early October. His dedication, skill and expression are deeply inspiring.

  3. You eat the green ones, Terrill? Oh my…I admire that bit of sour encompassment. If my creativity was a berry…it would be a thimbleberry. Tart with seeds yet exquisite when it decides to ripen. Ha ha. Very expensive to buy in jam. (I dunno, Terrill, this may not be a good metaphor at all!) LOL!

    • Yes Kathy I do tend to munch on the green ones – just as they start to turn pink. I also do the same with high bush cranberries that grow in the interior at my parents. I like slices of limes and lemons too… particularly if my stomach is feeling a bit whonky (I don’t think that is a real word but I’m going to use it anyway.) So your creativity is a thimbleberry? Hum… tart with seeds, expensive if you get enough ripe ones for jam… hum…. :))))

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