Schooner Sails back to Mayne Island from White Rock

A schooner sails back to Mayne Island from White Rock but not under its own steam. The photographic print was transported by Marg Milan on B.C. Ferries. Marg called me a few weeks ago to say that she was coming over to Mayne Island as part of a tour. She wanted to meet me let me see how lovely her print of “Sailing Ship Navy Channel” looked once it was framed. Didn’t she do a great job of choosing the right matting and frame? I coaxed her into letting me take her photograph with the work. We had never met before but I can sense we shall meet again. We connected when she inquired about this image after it had been published on page 12 in the May 27, 2010 issue of the Island Tides regional newspaper.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Marg talk about why she like the image and tell me things I hadn’t notice such as the lush green of the seaweed in the foreground. Thank you so much Marg for sharing your pleasure with the framed piece of art that now hangs on your wall.

Sprout Question: Who has recently shown you aspects about your work that you haven’t notice before?

Dear readers my image Reef Bay in September has also been published on page 13 of the most recent September 30, 2010 issue of the regional Island Tides newspaper. This paper publishes over 18,000 copies every other Thursday and covers many of the west coast island communities. The half-page photo is tagged with “Mayne Island’s Reef Bay—September morning mist drifts in from the Strait of Georgia. Terrill’s one-woman show of photos and paintings ran till September 22 at the Mayne
Island Library.”

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

11 thoughts on “Schooner Sails back to Mayne Island from White Rock

  1. Terrill – What a boon of joy to meet one of the many people who have purchased your work and enjoy it every day in their homes. That had to have been a real treat!

    Sprout Question: Who has recently shown you aspects about your work that you haven’t noticed before?

    A young man by the name of Mark (I changed his name for client confidentiality). He had seen his wife’s Life Harmony notebook on the coffee table and started reading it. He contacted me via email to share with me specific pieces that had touched him in a profound way — so much so that he’s made some heart-based changes in the way he lives.

    Heading over to ART OF DAY now …

    • Laurie it was a real thrill to meet Marg briefly while she was spending a day on Mayne Island. She is hoping to be back in the next few months and be able to come to studio for a poke around as well. I always find it a pleasure to get to know the people who have an interest in my work. As you know, once we create a piece it is then released and goes on to have a life of its own beyond our influence.

      What a great sprout story Laurie! A perfect example of your work having a life of its own beyond your influence:) Enjoy the ART OF DAY feature.

  2. posting my drawings on line has given me a forum to receive lots of feed back , comments and observations about my drawings. i always learn something new almost every day from reading these comments and looking back at the drawing through fresh eyes.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jerry. I feel like there is a whole other level of knowing that happens through the comments from viewers and readers of our work. This is where I begin to appreciate that the work is no longer attached to me. In the process of its creation it has slipped through me and now must stand on its own… sometimes I feel for its shaky-self but that is how it is.

  3. Terrill, it was my pleasure to meet you and show you my/our framed photo.
    I believe it is a prize-winning photograph as it has all of the elements of a prize photo – balance, light and dark, and the water and the emerald green lichen literally sparkles. I would encourage you to submit it to a photo contest.
    My bus driver (on the tour) loved it and he told me the name of the schooner, which I unfortunately forgot by the time I got home, but I’m going to try to contact him to get it again as I want to Google it and tape the info on the back of the picture. I also forgot to get you to sign it when we met :- (
    See you soon maybe.

    • Marg, I thought about the signing as well. But you had already sailed away by then. Maybe we will get another chance. I will consider what you have said about submitting it in a photo contest. I am mostly just happy though that you are pleased with your purchase:)

  4. What a treasure trove of visual splendor, what with your own gallery and Marge’s exquisite framed painting all in the same place. The piece on you Terill is marvelous, and it was great again to see some of your glorious work showcased again….i.e. The Sea and the foggy island.

    At the site, when comments are placed under my own writing I am both encouraged and inspired to continue, and was the case over the past day.

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