Winter Solstice on the islands

These images are from the shortest day before the darkest night with a lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice.

I find great comfort in their deep dark soft peace.

The hush of low light brings its own beauty.

The light of day begins to length as we pass through to deepest point of darkness.



Sprout question: Where do you find light in the darkest of darks?


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Please note: Creative Potager will be on holidays beginning Saturday, December 11, 2010 and will return on its one year anniversary Monday, December 27, 2010. Which doesn’t seem to stop the occasional post from appearing.


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


13 thoughts on “Winter Solstice on the islands

  1. Terrill – Your beautiful photographs bring to mind the first line of a song that was popular many years ago: “There’s a kind of hush all over the world tonight” – they beckon stillness.

    Sprout question: Where do you find light in the darkest of darks?

    I have a sacred space inside of me that remains luminous, regardless.

  2. Beautiful photos, Terrill.
    Your question reminds me of sitting with my mom during her last days. That was the darkest of time for me but not for her. She had such inner peace. The only time I saw it falter was sometimes at night. Then we would pray together saying, “May God hold you in the palm of his hand.” And He still holds me.
    Sorry, if I got too heavy. : )

  3. In the darkest of darks, I find the light inside myself. It’s easier to see, when it’s dark all around. Happy Holidays to you and yours, I’m glad to be back with you and the sprout questions!

  4. Glad you popped this post in – beautiful, lovely pictures.

    I just popped in because my puppy sitter/lover just arrived home last night for a week! I can have some computer time…nice to find your work here Thank you

    Merry Merry Be!

    • I know Patricia. It is odd to have this uncontrollable desire to post an exchange… even while on vacation. I think Creative Potager is so aligned with my way of being posting is like breath – necessary. Good to have your drop in and best of the holidays to you.

  5. Thank you for your gift of capturing the sense of the gulf islands, Terrill. Having lived on Galiano for 21 years, I’m almost homesick. Instead I marvel at the beauty and feel gratitude for the time I have spent there and on Mayne.

    p.s.: For someone who is ‘on holidays’ you’re still busy posting. Blessing be upon you and David.

    • You are welcome Daishin. Yes I seem to post here and there even on vacation. Somethings just must be done for the pure pleasure of the doing 🙂 Thank you for your blessing and many returns Peter.

  6. Hi Terrill, such lovely images of the light as it begins to fade and turn inward. I feel as if I am in that space.

    Answer to sprout question:
    heart connection with the one heart

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