One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I posted the first Creative Potager post – A Gown Remembered: Beginning.  With one quick comment and my reply and eleven views it was a quiet beginning.

Today is post 205 and it starts the day with 26,600 views while building on 3,440 comments. It is a good solid beginning. Thank you everyone for your part in making this a great Creative Potager year.

Going forward, we will see a shift in posting in order accommodate my intentions for the 2011 year. Creative Potager will have a Monday morning post that will include my intention for the week. Friday morning will conclude the week with a report on the results of the intention set at the beginning of the week. With these book-end-posts there will be occasional but not predictable post in between. Each post will continue to have a Sprout Question for your musing and comment.

My intention for 2011: I will be focusing more on oil painting en plein air than photography. The purpose of my work remains the same – to ground the viewer to their physical earthly environment – in nature. Zen impressionism. Quiet abundance. Joy.

This painting “Winter Sun” and a few of my other 2010 oil paintings are for sale go to ART of DAY, at the ART of DAY store. More of my work will become available at this location in the near feature.

With an intention to be painting more and also to be painting outdoors I hope you can see why there is a shift in this years posting structure. The nice thing about blogging, if something doesn’t work we can wake up in the morning and change it. This new schedule will begin on Monday, January 3, 2011. You can expect to see Creative Potager posts today through to Friday, December 31, 2010.

Sprout question: What intentions are you setting for 2011?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

16 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today

  1. Hi Terrill,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.
    I’m excited by your intentions for this blog. For me, it will be like looking over a fellow artist’s shoulder, adding an encouraging word, comparing my progress with yours. I also like the surprise of occassionally finding a unexpected post.
    My writing-related goals for 2011 are
    -to promote my soon-to-be published thriller–The Sweater Curse
    -to continuing working on my YA adventure–Turning
    –to continue posting on my blog
    Much to be continued
    From me to everyone here, all the best in 2011

    • You are welcome Leanne. I hesitated to change what is already working but I know I need to create more days to be off line with brush in hand painting. I am glad you are looking forward to what is to come. Your own intentions for the up coming year are exciting as well. With these intentions, I get the feeling that 2011 is going to be a significant year for you as a writer.

  2. Terrill – I admire the 2011 shift in your blogging schedule to create more space for painting and I’m looking forward, as always, to the enjoying the artwork that you’ll be sharing with us in the new year.

    Sprout question: What intentions are you setting for 2011?

    In anticipation of an amplified writing schedule (I’ll be writing for one more magazine in the new year – more about that later over on “Speaking from the Heart”), and more travel to southern California for my father, my blogging schedule will downshift from the even-numbered days of the month, to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    • Thanks Laurie. Your blogging shift to Tuesday and Thursdays are a good choice. These days worked very well for my during the four months of last summer. Now that the Alphabet class is complete (I have saved a few for reading this week), I am looking forward to what you have for us next.

      A doe and last years fawn are browsing outside the studio window while small winter birds flutter around them. So nice to be home after a great time in the city with family. I do so enjoy the sharp contrasts possible in daily living.

  3. Congratulations on one year of beautiful blogging with so many hits and comments! What a great artistic legacy you’ve shared with us. You have brightened my year many times. I have been pondering intentions in 2011 and don’t yet have any year-long intentions articulated, but do feel a deep need to turn more inward for a while. Will blog about this as it becomes more concrete.

    • Oh my, I am getting sense Kathy that you, Laurie and I are all moving towards deepening our inward work even further this coming year. This may result in less frequency but I am guessing richer contributions.

  4. Your new plans are sensible for sure Terrill, and they will no doubt enable you to move forward on your two-prongued mission. I must say I like the ‘book end’ idea, and the surprise optional post in the middle. You have really come a long way, and those statistics are remarkable, though in view of the quality not all that surprising. I guess above everything else you are the ‘guiding light of Mayne Island’ and provide the gateway to the rest of the world. My own intentions as always will be to search for and make good on that creative spark.

    I’m thrilled and honored to be here for the new year!

    • Well we shall see how it goes Sam but it seems like a posting design that may work for both me and for readers. If it doesn’t I will review and make any necessary changes. There seems to be a lot of “guiding lights on Mayne Island” but not so many gateways to the rest of the world.

      I look forward Sam to your search and your posts in 2011.

  5. I love your intention for the week inspiration. The word intention has come to me in a meaningfull way three days in a row. From my step-daughter on Christmas day, from CBC on boxing day and then from you on the 27th. Each time it held a deep personal meaning…an ah-ha moment. My writers group meets at my place on january 3rd and i will ask them to set their intentions for the week, or perhaps 2 weeks as we meet every 2 weeks. So i will think of you and your intention as we state ours. thank you again Terrill for your inspirational blog spot….Liz

    • Liz good luck to your writing group with setting intentions. It is a powerful approach because of its inherent flexibility. I will share more about setting an intention as we go along. But for now, here some simple hints are:

      1. state your intention in the positive and as if it is already happening “I am….”
      2. be as specific as you can “I am painting Monday through to Friday between 10 and noon for the next two weeks”
      3. keep your intention bite size and focused on one aspect for a short period of time.
      4. re-commitment to your intention often – every morning, or even a couple of times a day, Post your intention so you have it as a visual reminder.
      5. evaluate what is working and fine tune your intention every few weeks. It is your intention – it needs to be working for you.
      6. have fun and remember to lighten up. It is a tool for success not a life sentence.

      • thank you terrill for the intention hints…and for responding to your posts…I like that….i shall use your next commenter’s mantra and change it to ‘write, write, write…’ (sometimes I dabble in paint too.)

  6. Terrill, I’ve enjoyed Creativepotager through out the last year although I haven’t always taken the time to post a comment. I’ll admit it has been your beautiful visual offerings that keep me coming back so let me say, ” Paint! Paint! Paint some more!”

    • Oh Sandi thank you so much for the encouragement. I shall paint and paint some more! Believe it or not it is harder for me to this than might be expected. There is a level of vulnerability that leaves me feeling the raw edges of myself when I paint more so than any other form of creative expression. So it is not the paint but being in relationship with myself and my environment with such intensity and frequency that keeps me from picking up the brush. I shall remember your words Sandi as I am circling and skirting the work of painting. They shall be my mantra… “Paint! Paint! Paint some more!” Thank you.

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