Gracing the Green House

Announcement: Creative Potager host, Terrill Welch, has a new venue displaying her photography in collaboration with fellow photographer Barbara McIntyre at the Green House Restaurant on Mayne Island.

We are very excited. Our shows of Gulf Island framed prints and canvas prints photography will change every one to two months.  Please drop in if you are in our neighbourhood. You can’t miss it. The Green House Restaurant is on the right hand side just before you crest the last rise into Miner’s Bay.

The menu is diverse and delicious. In winter, there is all the cozy charm of home. You might even find me sitting at the closest table to the small fireplace sipping a glass of wine waiting for my dinner to be served.

In summer there are large decks that catch the late afternoon and evening sun. This is a great place to enjoy a quiet meal or visit with friends and take a long deep breath of Mayne Island relaxation. Make sure you slip inside to see what new we have on show.

Gerry always has a smile for you.

Owners Doug and Gerry decided to call the new restaurant the “Green House” because it was once the site of several green houses operated by the Japanese family before the Second World War. The house dates from about 1910, builder unknown. Kumazo Nagata bought it in 1921, and enlarged it in 1937. [Source: Ovanin, Thomas K. Island Heritage Buildings. Islands Trust, c. 1980.]

We are thrilled to have our photography on show in this historic building.

Of course for those readers from far away, you don’t have to come all the way to Mayne Island to view and purchase our photography.


Barbara McIntyre has a new redbubble account so feel free to drop on over and have a look there as well.


As many of you know, my work can be found here on redbubble where this new image “Shades of Blue” is available.

So glad you stopped in. Come on back anytime.


Sprout question: Where is your creativity showing this week?

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


15 thoughts on “Gracing the Green House

  1. Terrill, I’m late to your wonderful announcement/celebration as we’ve just come in from shoveling snow — we had a doozie of a blizzard last night.

    The Green House looks like a lovely place to have your artwork showcased in. Sitting there sipping a glass of wine, they’ll be admired like gems winking brilliantly in a crown.

    Sprout question: Where is your creativity showing this week?

    My article, HONESTY, A KEY TO HEALING can be found on page 14 in the Feb/Mar edition of “Sibyl Magazine” (, and my article, BETTER THAN A MULTIVITAMIN can be found on page 14 in the Jan/Feb edition of “Evolving Your Spirit” magazine .

    Now I’m going to go thaw my toes out in front of the woodburning stove. Ahhhhhh

    • Laurie, I have been wanting to wonder over to your Blizzard post all morning. I think I shall just pull up one of your articles and point my toes towards your fire for awhile.

      Seventeen inches hey!? That is a might good dump of snow. I wonder how Sam is making out as I know he was expecting another storm as well.

    • Thanks Pea. They aren’t in a new home yet – just out carousing on the town till closing time. However, if someone wishes they can be bought for a price and then they will have a new home.

      Oh I like that “recklessly subdued.” I suspect it is still working away in the background while you take care of a few details Pea.

    • You are welcome anytime Patricia. The Green House is open Wednesday to Sunday during the winter and seven days a week during the summer. And if you do happen to get this far west, do give me a ring and I will join you and bring you back to la casa de inspiracion for a studio tour.

  2. Your photos look happy in their home Terrill.

    This week my creativity is showing up in the details. . . I’m taking care of biz, anticipating seeing the bottom of my “in basket” by late Friday.

    • Alison, like I said to Pea… these beauties are not home yet. But they are looking for a good home to hang out. YES to the power of the bottom of your “in basket” for the weekend Alision. That aught to release a flurry of creative energy.

    • You are too much Sam! But it has been fun. David and I just came from lunch at the Green House and the work has been well received. Thank you as always for your words of appreciation and encouragement.

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