Baby Faces

It is easy to catch a relaxed smile when your subjects are looking at a baby – particularly their own baby.

Baby faces are inspiring, delightful, engaging and irresistible. They have been known to turn the hardest exterior to mush in seconds.

For your enjoyment, here are a few baby faces, from my three-day introduction to our newest member of the family…

Can someone please share their blanket with me?

Hey good looking…

Not fair!


Sleeping now.

Don’t worry. I had this thumb before I was born. It came with me.

They dress me in the darndest things.

I hope you are smiling and maybe even giggled now.

Sprout question: What one of your creative expressions do you find as pleasing as baby faces?

Have a great weekend! My plan is to be back on a normal schedule next week and get some paintings in the works. Canvases are set aside. That is a start. I will share more about my intentions on Monday.

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20 thoughts on “Baby Faces

  1. Such wonderful closeups of that precious little face. Good that you got them, because he is going to change so fast!

    Glad you asked the question, “What one of your creative expressions do you find as pleasing as baby faces?” I think for me it has to be painting, and specifically working in the “zone” and having a serendipitous outcome. When it all works out perfectly, which is rare, the feeling is magic.

    • Martha I too experience that sensation on occasion when painting and even when taking photographs. There is that same feeling of awe that comes from baby faces as they offer up unfiltered or unguarded expression.

  2. I love the baby pout face, but I also find the baby half-smile lip curl when sleeping to be adorable. I love it when they do that. It’s as though they are dreaming something magical!

  3. I see a great deal in that amazing little face: a poet, an artist, a scholar. Maybe a combination of all. There’s a certain light in the face of a newborn. A spiritual knowing. Congratulations again to all of you, Terrill. Such a blessing, baby O. –Daisy

    • Daisy, according to his personal numerology chart that Laurie did for him, you are quite accurate. You speak of that light in a newborns face. He had an absolutely amazing glow that took my breath away during the first few hours after he was born. I tried to capture it on film but it isn’t nearly as clear and brilliant as it was in real time. I have come to the conclusion that his aura colours were so strong that I wasn’t able to separate them from his physical colour skin colour.

  4. ‘Cherubic’ and ‘other worldly’ are the only words that come to mind as I look at these beautiful pics of new life. Such a fabulous reminder of the truth of who we are beyond the physical. Terrill, you have poinently captured Spirit unchisled by the hand of of time. Thank you!

    • Alison thank you for your generous feedback. I was feeling like I ha failed to capture what you just described because it was so much stronger and brilliant in real time. I am glad I was able to provide a glimpse that is recognizable.

  5. Terrill –

    If you were listening really carefully, you heard me oooohing and aaaaahing over the precious photographs of Coen. “Not fair!” made me laugh out loud.

    Sprout question: What one of your creative expressions do you find as pleasing as baby faces?

    Not a bloomin’ thing. Nothing even comes close to baby faces.

    • I am grinning Laurie as I feel this way too. I have always been drawn to baby and children since I was a child myself. I love the open unguarded directness of babies and small children. Mostly I like to play and no one ever minds if you are playing with the children.

  6. Oh what a joy! Thank you for sharing.
    I think having a baby in the room just holds everyone’s attention…I loved a sermon I heard that spoke to that fact and how “GOD” sent the best advertisement for the message in the form of Baby Jesus – had everyone’s full attention and hope

    • Patricia if a plan was ever needed to get our undivided attention and sense of hope babies do that. Also, 400 teenagers going to school at an international private school. Coen is living with his parents on campus where most of the students are boarding while the go to school. I come home with a renewed belief in humanity and a sense of hope each time I visit because of my brief interactions with these brilliant engaging youth.

  7. Oh, he’s such an adorable little elf. Such a nice blend of his mom and dad.
    As one who cared for babies for many years, I’m very hard pressed to find something that is as soothing as gazing at a baby’s face as you rock guide them to dreamland.
    By George I have it, writing about it. : )

  8. Yep, Laurie is 100% right. She took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve personally experienced this heavenly euphoria five times in my life, and I can only extend my very best to the joyful parents. The photos are priceless. Congratulations to you Terrill.

    • Sam I knew you would like these baby faces and I bet it brings back many memories of your own five. I am looking forward to another visit this Friday. I will have my camera in tow so we shall see.

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