slow start but rolling

Ah, to sleep in on a Monday morning after a full weekend.

Oh my gosh.

Does it ever get any better than this?

We even caught some sun on a 5 km stroll along the sea.

Life is good.

Now it is time to get back to work.

This week I must get my books and paper work to the accountant so the taxes can be done. While I am in town, Miss Prissy (my 1991 Ford F150 4X4 pick up) will be scheduled for a check up.

There are also some unrelated-to-art projects in a crucial stage that require my full attention.

So with this in mind, my intention for the week is to finish one small painting I started last week, do the underpaintings for a couple of tiny canvases and pick up some large canvases when I am in town. We shall see. Friday will tell the story.

Sprout question: What are you glad you set aside this week so you could play at life?

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18 thoughts on “slow start but rolling

  1. Looks like it is quite mild in your neck of the woods! I would own one of those running strollers also if I had a child. Run along the sea sounds nice 🙂

    I set aside time to run, if I didn’t, I would go nuts!


    • Bearrunner considering the focus of your blog, I am not surprised by your relationship to running. This day we were walking as it has only been 2 weeks since Coen was born. But the idea is the same. A person needs to get out and move and feel the blood moving through their veins.

      This running stroller is amazing. It can also have the front wheels changed to a single wheel and it can be pulled with a bicycle. I have never pushed anything that handled so well. Personally, I have never liked strollers and always used a front and then back carrier with m own children. But if I could have had one of these I might have changed my mind.

  2. Terrill – Last week I titled a blog post “Coolin’ Your Heals” when I meant “Heels.” I’m wondering if you meant “slow” start instead of “sow” start. If yes, that will make me feel like I’m in excellent company!

    Both Josie and Coen look FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sharing these precious photographs.

    Sprout question: What are you glad you set aside this week so you could play at life?

    This week I set aside cleaning so I could drum — WHOOHOO!

    • Oh Laurie! You do have some idea then how I felt as I pressed the button to post the blog only to notice that the “l” was missing in slow. I had the little annoyed sick feeling in my stomach as I watched the little arrow circling telling me that the post was about to be posted and there was nothing I could do about it for the 67 or so subscribers to the Creative Potager who were about to receive a blog posting titled “sow start but rolling”

      Dear readers, those of you dropping in from other links will not have noticed this error which is good. Those of you who do subscribe and were wondering what I ate for breakfast, my apologies.

      And by the way, excellent choice Laurie! I wish you the ease of a perfect beat.

  3. Adorable! It’s the only word–for those dear pictures, Terrill. Much thanks for sharing them.
    What have I set aside. Well, I’m blessed to start each day with Ti Chi. I love this slow, graceful exercise.
    And…and…and…just to make this week special–a trip to Vancouver Island to participate in a writers’ workshop. How many sleeps til Friday?

    • All the best with the writer’s workshop Leanne. How many sleeps are left now? Just teasing. I have been slow to get back to comments this week so a day has already passed. So one less sleep since you posted.

  4. It can’t get much better than this, Terrill. Look at those feet and toes–I love the color of them in the photograph. So tender, almost orange…gosh, I love those baby feet. What a rich life you have!

  5. Hi Terrill,
    Love all the pics of Josie and baby! Since I set aside a whole lot of things in the last two weeks to play at life, this is the week to buckle down, catch up, and get back to a routine! Take care. Sue

  6. Good luck w/all that Terrill. As for me, I cleard out my closet, took offerings to the Good Will and have set sail on Birthday Hope. . . we all get that you know, just about 2 weeks before the due date, every year:)

  7. working on taxes here too…accountant appointment tomorrow and puppy needs his first haircut – still cute but not as amazing as your little one…Thank you for sharing

    • Patricia those darn taxes seem to come along about the same frequency as our birthday. Oh well, looks like I have managed to put things off until Monday which is good. I will feel much more like leaving home again by then.

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