A walk to the blossom tree

The sun had slid into home base just add of dusk. We decided that a walk would do us good. Besides, there is a neighbour’s tree I want to photograph while it is in bloom.

On the way, David spies these bird houses in the sun. I am smitten with their brightness against that aging wood of the building.

We must walk quickly now as the sun is already catching treetops between the shadows.

Ah, there it is.

We are a little late but it is still lovely. What a lot of blossoms!

Let’s see if we can find just a few for a close up.

Great fun. A little closer maybe?

Oh yes — one of my blossom photos is being used for the poster of Cherry Blossom Festival in Abbotsford British Columbia. This city of about 120 thousand is hosting a sister-city project to raise funds for Japanese relief. I am honoured that they requested my photograph to promote the event.

(view or purchase the photo in this poster here.)

There is a little credit running along the right side of the photo that has me grinning every  time I notice it 🙂

My intention this week is to paint the edges of my paintings that are already finished. I moved the rhubarb to a sunnier location yesterday and while I was out there I saw a few other things I want to get started on. This musing time – as I am doing these things I will decide on my next big painting.

If you get a chance, stop by my new Online Gallery at http://terrillwelchartist.com

I wish you a blooming good time this week.

Sprout question: What is blooming in your creative garden?

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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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22 thoughts on “A walk to the blossom tree

  1. Terrill – I’m telling you these photos are so amazing I can actually SMELL their fragrance!

    I have visited your new Online Gallery and was delighted with a visual feast! I subscribed so that I’ll receive an email when you post additions. Whoohoo!

    Sprout question: What is blooming in your creative garden?

    This Thursday I head to the Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison. I imagine that I’ll burst from the sheer excitement of it all!

    • Laurie I have picked five daffodils – the great big King Alfred – that I can smell as I am reading this. Funny how these things get all mixed together between time and place.

      I did see that you had subscribe to the new gallery site Laurie. Thank you! It may be a bit overwhelming at first because I must get the inventory posted but then it should become more gradual and likely only once a week or so.

      All the best at the Writer’s Institute! I am guessing you may post some highlights for us over on your blog Speaking from the Heart next week. Yes?

  2. Good morning Terrill,
    I was reading your post and realized that I have your poster hanging up on my fridge, I had to go take a look and find your credit and sure enough it’s on there. Way to go! Beautiful photo!

    Free flowing creativity is blooming in my studio, I normally do realism so everything is precise but last night I broke free and started a painting without any drawing just went straight at it with paint, the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is running through my head.

    Happy Painting to you!

    • Melodie that is so wild! You have my poster on your fridge? What a small world. Considering we have only recently met through social networking it seems exceptionally fun that you would read my blog post today only to find that you have the poster in your possession already.

      Good luck with going straight to paint on canvas. I do this a lot as I enjoy the freedom of finding the painting within the canvas. I am going to share a link to your realism acrylic paintings for readers. If you are able and comfortable, send us a link to your new work when it is done. Always great to see what others are working on.

  3. Congrats on the use of your photo!

    What is blooming in my creative garden? Lots of stuff, that’s why I haven’t been around here! I’m still reading your blog, but just at a much less frequent pace, to give me time to work on other projects. Lovely photos, and I loved Salish Sea 4!

    • Kat I too find it a challenge to get by and visit all my favourite haunts both blogs and real physical places. So, whether it is frequent or sporadic, I appreciate it when readers are able to slip by and leave a few words. And thank you!

  4. Beautiful, per usual, Terrill! We still have patchy snow here, but the ground is thawing — there is hope for spring! Loved all the bright colors in the pictures. Always good for the soul, peering at such beauty and silent joy. SQ: what’s blooming in my creative garden — poetry this week in SunnyRoomStudio … Bluest Day. It’s actually a creative pairing of photograph and poetry. I’ve been to wonderful art exhibits that combine the art forms and found it fascinating, so thought I’d give it a try. Have a lovely day!

    • Daisy I was just now able to slip over and see your post Bluest Day with its exquisite poem. I encourage others to go have a read for themselves.

      Now dear readers I must share some unfortunate news which I hope shall be only a small blip in my land of Creative Potager. My hard drive crashed this morning. I am on the early ferry tomorrow to take it in for a replacement. If all goes well, I shall be up and running by late tomorrow night. If not, well we will worry about that when the time comes. I do have some computer access through my partner’s machine but posting blogs may not be particularly easy. However, we shall cross the bridge only if we need to do so. But a small heads up that I may be slow replying for the next bit.

  5. Gorgeous pictures, as always, Terrill! Congratulations on the use of your cherry blossom photo. A win-win, I’m certain 🙂

    I do Love Spring, and the creative garden is abustle, mostly with grad school projects currently 🙂

  6. Terrill: These are absolutely stunning!!! They would be fantastidc on a calendar, one that I would certainly obtain myself! Well, you see I’ve always had a weakness for cherry blossoms, hence my unbridled enthusiasm for this lot. Of course as we all try to say a final goodbye to winter, we are seduced by the sensory qualities of these beautiful blossoms. My own creative garden right now is school-realted with testing scheduled for a few weeks, but at the site I must pen 60 essays for the musical poll.

    • I really don’t have enough of these for a calendar yet Sam but it is an idea. Hum… something for the future. Those 60 essays Sam would make we want to pull the covers over my head and groan but I have no doubt that you are inviting them with gratitude and the words will flow until the very last one is done – complete – finished. Lucky us!

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