End of Summer

I begin my day by arranging a huge bundle of fresh-cut flowers I received as a thank you for a photo shoot I did earlier in the week. I thought I was going to take photographs of the finished results. Which I did. But the most stunning image was on the cutting table where the morning sun had edged its way in. A reminder to always take the photograph that is there to be taken.

(this image may be purchased here.) 

I am grateful today that hurricane Irene was less than anticipated. I am grateful for so much love from my family and friends. I am grateful to celebrate one more year on this planet.


Sprout question: What are you grateful for today?


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11 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. I am grateful for Terrill Welch and for me having had such a great birthday this year – so much connection my favorite part.

    Your picture is just lovely – and certainly was meant to be taken…You have an amazing eye

    • Thanks Patricia! What a kind thing to say! I feel blessed to have you in my close community here at Creative Potager as well. There is something about the many light thread we weave in various parts of our online lives that creates a tapestry of warmth and true connection that I treasure. You have contributed some very strong vibrant threads to this creative blanket we share.

  2. Oh my gosh, Terrill, that’s a fantastic photograph! I’m grateful you recognized the moment and captured it.

    Sprout question: What are you grateful for today?


    • Sherwin, David and I were just talking about our trip up to your place awhile back as we sat having late night hot chocolate on our side deck listening to the crickets. Wow! I bet you had the first batch of cement mix before the inspector got to the bottom of your driveway!!! Great photos by the way and awesome to see that your project is moving along.

  3. It’s a moving photo, elegiac in it’s message…

    But HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terrill!!! I’m leaving this a little late today, but I hope you and David and all the family celebrated with a cake and a toast to a very Great Lady and a Fantastic Artist, one whose created one of the most inspired on line communities.

    I am also grateful for Irene’s decision to hold back her wrath and give back some of her nature-crafted power. It was quite a night here at Juliano Central, with leaks, and Dogs holding it in to show for it! But all is well now. Thanks for all your wonderful words of support my friend!

    • Yes I most pleased to know you are safe and sound Sam. Thank you for the birthday wishes too 🙂 I actually had a slice of blackberry pie with ice-cream on my birthday. It was fantastic! My daughter Josie made a cake when we were at her place before Arrow and I went on vacation to Saturna Island. So I have been celebrating for weeks now! My jeans will agree 🙂 Back to regular eating now.

  4. I’m grateful that I DID NOT move to the beach, but rather chose the mountains here in North Carolina in which I now reside (regardless the rant from my inner beach-walker). I’m grateful too that I LISTENED to inner guidance and left Vermont, instead of moving to the small artie town – which has now been COMPLETELY washed away – National Guard are there as we speak, and yes that would be the lovely town of Willmington, just outside Mt Snow, VT. I am also grateful that the biggest hassell I suffered this weekend was a glich w/my printer (which – thanks to Geek Squad, has been rectified). Ohhh, yes, TODAY, I am VERY grateful to be checking in w/you Terrill in the comfort of my (dry and in-tact) home office and once again saying ‘Wow, great shot – thanks for that.

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