Five new plein air oil paintings by Terrill Welch

Have you been wondering when I will post my summer paintings? Well here they are!

For more information and purchase price on each painting, click on its title below the painting for the gallery link.

The first you may have seen in an earlier post when it was almost completed.

AT THE BEACH 12 X 12 original oil on canvas.

Next is the last of the three I did together on a summer morning.

A SUMMER DAY 8 x 8 inch original oil on canvas (No longer available).

Then there is the middle one.

SKY CLEARING 10 x 10 inch original oil on canvas.

And here is the first one from that morning.

GRAY ON GRAY IN BLUE 12 X 12 original oil on canvas.

Finally, there is this latest one I painted on Shell Beach at East Point on Saturna Island.

SUMMER MORNING MIST 10 x 10 inch original oil on canvas. (No longer available)

The new series has a working title of “Squared to the Sea” and I am poised to start on a bigger 36 X 36 inch canvas. Working with square dimensions are difficult to keep the composition interesting and I am enjoying the challenge.

Painting on site is mostly a nice weather activity. I might get a few more done before our fall rains but for the most part, this aspect of my creativity is reaching completion for now and I will be working in my studio again until next summer.

I do have another surprise for you that will be completed by the first week of September. I think you are going to like it. A hint – works best if you have a coffee table.

Sprout question: What is reaching completion in your creative world?

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21 thoughts on “Five new plein air oil paintings by Terrill Welch

  1. I enjoyed your work on the beach and in the air…thank you for sharing

    my completion: my week off and I have not been very good at playing…my partner always says the week before a marathon run or a bike tour he does not run or ride at all – to get his body anxious to begin again….I am attempting to achieve that point of reference for getting back to writing…but I am not there yet…just working hard on the garden and house projects that can not wait any longer…sleeping well at night for being so physically tired…:)

  2. Love them all, Terrill. The spirit of color and nature so vibrant in each. Not sure I’m in a creative completion phase right now … but a few of my summer plants are! Our mums are covered with buds though, so they will be lovely. Enjoy the day! –Daisy

  3. I so love the use of space in these Terrill, and the BLUE! Gorgeous.

    My biggest creative project coming to completion is my new studio. The elements are finally coming together, and I LOVE how it is turning out.

  4. God are these magnificent! Please, please let me hit the New Jersey Lottery soon! Hey I’m not choosy, just the one million dollar scratch-off, which nets about half that after the lump payout and taxes. heck I could claim the entire lot them! Ha!

    But really, these are eye-filling. You get batter and better and better with each painting. It’s really incredible what you create Terrill.

    • Sam I had so much fun reading your comment allowed to David. An artist always wants to improve in their craft so I am glad that this is your experience. Painting en plein air is a truly delightful experience for a nature painter. Nothing quite like it. I am thinking about you off to the class room with milling excited students this morning.

      Here we are starting another fall together at Creative Potager. Wishing you all the best.

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  6. Terrill – After a long cross-country journey, it’s good to be back at Creative Potager. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite here in this gorgeous bevy of artwork. But if push came to shove, I’d have to say that “A Summer Day” won by a nose (as they say in horse racing).

    Sprout question: What is reaching completion in your creative world?

    I just finished an article for “Sibyl Magazine” that’s due on the tenth.

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