Calm before the Storm

There is a wind warning put out by Environment Canada for Mayne Island:


Southeast winds up to 100 km/h expected today for North Vancouver Island, central coast, north coast and Haida Gwaii. Southeast winds 70 to 90 km/h expected to develop this morning over the south coast. This is a warning that potentially damaging winds are expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions. Listen for updated statements.


It has been posted and revised since Saturday – last updated at 4:43 am PDT this morning. Just now the winds and more rain have arrived. While they have been delayed I am reminded of the calm before the storm. The wild birds and farm animals have been unusually quiet. My wish now is to get this up before the power is interrupted. I am thinking about calm and tranquility. I am thinking about my last visit to Narvaez Bay on Saturna Island. The humidity was at 100 % with the earth softly releasing its breath across my skin as I gazed into the stillness, the mist and the soft light.

Today’s post is a poem-like meditation with words and photographs….

The bull whips in Echo Bay softly roll on the gentle swells

as the sea flows around what remains of a temporary monument, with its puppy-dog resemblance.

There is perfect in imperfection of one red leaf.

Heavy clouds lift off the Straight of Georgia as I crouch next to the cliffs.

Reminded of the unyielding strength of nature,

such as this large ragged-edged clump of collected bits.

Chosen seashore pebbles and sea-glass remain as if for evidence.

Down by the rocks in Little Bay.

Mist rolls on the quiet sea.

The threaded sea.

The calm sea.

On the last day of summer.



Sprout question: Where does your gaze soften into the stillness that is today?


CELEBRATION: It happened yesterday – my redbubble account went over 100,000 views and I have a celebration journal entry HERE with my thanks and a few of my favourite images.


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14 thoughts on “Calm before the Storm

    • Thanks Leanne and the leaf was just begging to be the bright spot in this post. Makes me smile. Well it looks like the winds are going to leave us be yet again today. So odd to be on storm watch for so long with not much happening. Though my daughter said the wind blew hard in Mill Bay on Saturday night. So much so that she was tempted to go get her baby from the other room in case a tree fell on the building. But us? Hardly nothing to speak about.

  1. ummmm, I feel the tranquility. And I have to say that I’m happy to have listened to my inner weather forcaster and rescheduled my west coast visit. . . . I would have been there right now, blowing in the wind!

    • I was wondering what happened with your plans Alison. To be truthful, if I was planning to visit and could only come maybe once, I would pick the month of August. The weather is almost always lovely that time of year – no guarantees of course but the changes are best then.

    • Oh he isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last Jackie to say that after viewing images from these magical moments here in the Gulf Islands. If you ever get this way please do connect – it is a standing invitation to all readers 🙂

  2. Congratulations Terrill!

    Your photo images are so amazing!Such aliveness and Feelings!

    I am just back from a walk with the Elements.
    And happy to be inside now with a cozy fire.

    I so love how the stillness fills me with a desire to express a primordial
    Sense of creativity !
    A friends bounty of apples soon to become applesauce,plums stewing in their juices and an idea for a painting start!

    Tthankyou for sharing your Treasures!



    • Shakeira so good to see you here 🙂 It has been awhile. Your day sounds like a gift into the passage between summer and winter. Yum! You are most welcome and I am looking forward to seeing your painting – that would be when I call to go for a walk… with this rain this will not be today 🙂

  3. Terrill – I won’t even attempt to select a favorite today because each and every one of these photographs calls to me equally on some level.

    It’s interesting that you mention “sea glass.” On my recent adventure to San Diego and back, I bought a sea glass pendant as a talisman (physical reminder) of something that I’m manifesting (speaking/thinking into being). I doing my research, I learned that sea glass is referred to as Mermaid’s Tears. I thought that was lovely. And because it comes about as a natural result of the contributions of ALL of the elements — earth, air, wind, and fire — the therapeutic and metaphysical properties are quite lovely, to be sure.

    Sprout question: Where does your gaze soften into the stillness that is today?

    I have had beyond-number reasons to be grateful this past week. I’m gently letting that gaze (perspective) at thankfulness — enfold and envelop me today.

    • What a great story Laurie about the sea glass being Mermaid’s Tears. Thankfulness… yes thankfulness. Part of my inspiration for today’s post is a gift to a friend who is going through a difficult patch. Sometimes it is hard to notice and give thanks when much is in turmoil. Yet, it is a perfect time… a strong reminder of the ebb and flow of all that is.

  4. Lovely post and I am wondering if you kept your power? We have certainly been having the wind and the rain, but it was just grey and misty as I drove to the airport to pick up biker guy from his adventure. It snowed cedar leaves all over the roof and driveway while we were gone…rain is heavy here still now…several more days to go, but now it truly feels like fall.

    • The power stayed on Patricia and the winds never did get really bad here. I just checked and the weather advisory has finally been lifted. I am so glad I stuck it out and got the garden turned before all this rain though. The ground needed it but it may be too wet to work for awhile. Have fun getting re-acquainted with that biker guy 😉 I am sure he is going to have some interesting stories tell.

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