The everyday with photographer Jeff Stroud

Photographer Jeff Stroud has been a regular reader and engaging participant from the beginning here on Creative Potager. In fact, our connection goes back to an earlier community where Jeff introduced me to his online storefront at redbubble. I trust that you shall enjoy this feature interview with Jeff and the opportunity to get to know him better.

Jeff Stroud’s photography is one of common everyday nature, places we walk, places we drive by, our garden, our local park, and our neighbor’s front lawn. Yet there is nothing common about Jeff’s photography itself which is imbued with a sense of nature’s essences in all its purest forms.

Eight years ago after attending a Shamanic workshop and the practice of Reiki, a nature-based healing process, Jeff picked up a camera and has followed his bliss ever since. His approach to photography is one of gentle reverence, beauty, and honoring of nature as a life force. The purpose of Jeff’s nature photography is to share the beauty that is all around us – the beauty and life of trees, flowers, water, and sky.

(image may be purchased Here)

It is with great pleasure I bring you my interview with Jeff and a few images from this talented photographer.

What is the one thing that you would like readers to leave with after reading your interview?

What I would like readers to leave with is a deeper sense of what creativity can be for us in our lives.

What is your best kept secret (s) of creative success?

I don’t think it is a secret, but creative success is just allowing ourselves to be creative. Creative with our everyday lives. I create publicly with the exhibits of photography that I have the honor of being able to pursue.

What is your first creative memory?

Drawing, when I was a child I drew.

Where or when do feel most inspired?

I feel most inspired in nature, yet I can be and will be inspired when I get out of my head and come from my heart or spirit.

(image may be purchased Here)

Who are your creative mentors?

You! Terrill, you inspire me by your constancy in your expression of your art, and your ability to promote through your blog and other sources that are always stimulating.  Also, Neale Donald Walsch, who has used words in the form of a book to create change in our world. This has given me a whole new perspective on the way I approach life and living. I am just discovering photographers and artist, and their influence has begun to express itself in my work. I hope.

Geesh thanks Jeff! It appears we are mutual fans of each other’s work.

What are you celebrating today?

I am celebrating today, right now, this moment!

If we could assist you with one thing this week that would make a difference in promoting your creative work – what would it be?

Follow my blog, join my redbubble site.
What is next?

I am hoping to get another First Friday exhibit which will be in a gallery in Old City Philadelphia. I have two pieces into the Philadelphia Photographic Society’s 149th year members’ exhibit, which is held at the historic Plastic Club in Philadelphia. I will also have at least 5 pieces in Deptford NJ Galleria exhibit in December 2011.

How are you going to get there?

By producing the best work/art I can. By being part of the art community, attending gallery openings and meeting other artists.

Tell us – what headline will we be reading in the New York Times about you five years from now?

If it is the New York Times, I must be true! Ha! That Photographer Jeff Stroud has a month long exhibit in such-and-such gallery. Jeff’s photography captures moments in nature and in everyday life as if it is blessed with spirit, and from the photographs we have seen he does just that.

Who and what would you like to give thanks?

I am grateful to you for hearing my call, for asking me to do this interview. I am greatly honored. I am grateful to my muse Nature spirit who allows me to “make” photographs that express the beauty even in the dying!

(image may be purchased Here)

Jeff’s Sprout Question: How do YOU feel about promoting your art?

Ah, you offer us a good tough question Jeff. Thank you Jeff for allowing Creative Potager to shine a light on you and your photographer. I wish you a much success in the future.

Dear readers speaking of promoting my art work, this coming Sunday October 16th from 3:00 – 4:00 pm P.D.T. is the second of three Salish Sea Sunday Savings events here at Creative Potager. A special post announcing a draw for those who subscribe and spread the word will go up on Thursday October 16, 2011.

Our regular Creative Potager blog will be posted on Friday.

Best of the week everyone and I look forward to having you drop by.

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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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34 thoughts on “The everyday with photographer Jeff Stroud

  1. Terrill – I have a bit of an advantage here because I know Jeff. And let me say right up front that you hit the nail squarely on the head when you said:

    “Yet there is nothing common about Jeff’s photography itself which is imbued with a sense of nature’s essences in all its purest forms.”

    I can say without reservation that Jeff’s work has been a positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing influence in my life.

    Whether he’s photographing his animal companions — Muffin and Riley — a wedding party, a city street, or the beloved woods behind his home, he captures something — a certain nuance — that the rest of us may well miss, or dismiss, with a casual glance. Yet he brings it home. He places it right in front of the viewer for a visual feast.

    My hat’s off to you Jeff.

    • Laurie,

      This has to be one of the most touching comments I have ever had; “I can say without reservation that Jeff’s work has been a positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing influence in my life.”

      To know and to have this become part of my consciousness from a woman who I believe is one of the most gifted healer’s I have had the pleasure of working with as well as following on your blog, I am humbled…

    • This is a very accurate description of Jeff from my experience Maureen. He is also an individual that doesn’t shy away from the more difficult emotions of fear, anger, sadness, grieve or longing. When I read Jeff’s blog I know that he tries to be with every moment – not just the uplifting cheerful moments. This I think contributes to the strength fullness we experience in his photography.

    • Maureen,

      Thank you so much, my spirit sings!
      Just to up date everyone who reads this, my blog writing has been very reluctant in the past month. I hope to begin writing and sharing my journey once again very soon.

    • You are most welcome Leanne. It is a pleasure to share our conversation with readers here on Creative Potager.

      As a regular reader you know that I rarely have guest interviews but every once in a long while I can’t seem to resist. In fact, I have been thinking about changing my approach doing one a month for awhile. We shall see.

    • Leanne,

      What a wonderful perspective; listening in as two friends talk” it is so true. Even though Terrill and I have never met in person, I know that if we did this is just what our conversations would be like.

  2. Terrill,

    Seeing this all together now with introduction and photographs all in place makes this experience that much more rewarding and touching!!!
    I have read everyones comments so far, and I am grateful for each and every one! Laurie leading off the pack, who has been one of my “fans” supporters and has encouraged my work and my writing through the past several years. After I read your comments Laurie, I had to just sit here for a moment to take all of that which you shared in…. feeling the joy and gratefulness! Which words just do not express. I am truly touched by this whole experience!
    Thank you thank you!

  3. A powerful combination … Terrill & Jeff!! Your work, Jeff, speaks of bliss … of joy … of the touching detail so often missed … and it is wonderfully organic. Spiritual. You are clearly in touch with the powers that be in a good way. Thanks for sharing your work! May it continue to bring you joy and inspiration. –Daisy in SunnyRoomStudio

    • Daisy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here on Terrill’s blog about my work! I am honored that you have done so! Your blog is always an inspiration when I give myself time to read it. You always chose great topic’s and have some of the most amazing guest bloggers…
      Blessing on you Daisy!

  4. Jeff Stroud is a constant rush of positive energy, and his optismism is a great way to start every day. He’s a talented and supportive guy, and I for one would love to see his name appear at the New York Times. I’ve seen his great work before, and am thrilled to see it posted here at the Creative Potager’s scenic habitat.

    Best of luck to you Jeff. Great interview!

  5. Ah, and here is yet another example of what I call hART (art from the heart). From the first time I read your words (no that’s not quite right . . . I FELT your message), and took in the beautiful images of your creative photography, I was elated, and suspended in a cradle of fascination, almost above the last mists of reason. Deeply sensual, and each captured at the precise moment of its best essence . . . I am grateful for your work and await a book of your work, to place in my home. Like Terrill, your art is alive, present and full of “the juice”!

    • Terrill,

      Thank you for posting John’s response here! I am truly grateful to see it and to read such glowing words… Thank you John! I am going to use your words for my next Bio, quotes for a new exhibit.
      I will be looking deeper into creating a book.

      • Jeff it has been a great pleasure to interview you for Creative Potager and I hope that the experience carries you forward to new exhibitions, maybe a book and an increased fan club collecting your work. Thank you for being so kind as to participate and be fully engaged with further comments from readers. Awesome!

  6. Thank you, Terrill, for this skillful coverage of an Artist I’ve admired for years. There is an honesty and a purity to Jeff’s work, and yet so much of it is multi-layered, thought-provoking. How in the world does he produce art which is both stimulating and meditative? Jeff is to the captured and expressed image what you are to the written word. And that is saying something, indeed.

    • Sue,

      When I read the first line of your comments I had not check who was writing, and I was struck with “an Artist I’ve admired for years.” I was like who the heck. Then the Ah ha moment happened. Sue was one of my first “fans” and bought cards from my redbubble store front, she even sent me one so I could “see” it up close and personal! So sweet!
      Your praise and continued support has encouraged me to continue creating works of art that the world would like to see.
      Bless you Sue!

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  8. Glad to have stopped by your blog and found this delightful interview with Jeff. As you may know, Terrill, Jeff and I met for coffee and lunch and a walk in Manhattan last June. It was a pleasure to get to know him better. He is an inspiring artist and a thoughtful person, with a funny sense of humor. Good job giving such a great peek into your life, Jeff! And thanks, Terrill, for this highlight of his life.

  9. I just came across this in my memory post on Facebook which I will share this morning, It is good to know where I have been and where I am going which is that I am still moving in that direction.

    Thank you again for this interview!

    • Jeff, I am so glad you had this interview come up as a memory. Makes me almost want to blog again in the way I did back then! I saw your share on Facebook and have replied there. Feeling blessed to be connected to your beautiful work and person. Take good care my friend.

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