Make the Most of It

The morning had got off to a bad start. I went to put luggage in the truck parked on Arbutus Way after staying over night in Victoria. On the windshield was a $75.00 parking ticket because of… Alleged infraction 220. No Person May Park Or Leave A Veh in A Park Except For The Bona Fide Purpose of Visiting The Park.

The street sign did not say I couldn’t park in that spot overnight which was a through street from downtown at the edge of the park.  The signage said nothing about park use parking only. The sign said I could park for 3.5 hours between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Like the other streets around it, I assumed the limit ended at 6:00 pm and night parking with no time limit until 7:00 am began. I was $75.00 worth of wrong.  I felt like I had been unfairly tricked. I could likely argue the ticket but it just seems such a waste of my time. I decided I will pay and tag the City of Victoria in my post instead. After all, my arguing, even if I win, won’t help someone else from making the same mistake. But my blog post might.

Adding to this minor insult the day was heavy with cloud and gloom.

(image may be purchased here.)

But we didn’t let any of it get to us and spoil our fun. We made faces and laughed as we walked and took a break on the park bench for the baby to nurse.

You got it! We were visiting the newest grandson Isaac who is now 7 weeks old.

Now isn’t that a happy grandpa for you?

Giving him lots love.

Looking into this face who wouldn’t feel like the sun was shining and they didn’t have a care in the world?

Who cares about the City of Victoria and their silly old parking tickets or the heavy clouds over our head? Not us. It matters not one smidgen! We are making the most of it!

Sprout Question: When was the last time you made to most of it?

SPECIAL NOTICE: There will be no Creative Potager post on Monday. It is Canadian Thanksgiving and I shall be away visiting the other two grandsons while David keeps the home fires burning.

But we shall have an extra special post on Tuesday with a guest interview appearance with Jeff Stroud. Please do stop by then and say hello.

AND the second part of Leanne Dyck’s interview with me will be up tomorrow morning at THE SWEATER CURSE.

Best of the weekend everyone and happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers.

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16 thoughts on “Make the Most of It

  1. Terrill,

    Yes making the most of what is happening right now is important if you wish to enjoy the “right Now”! Which you seemed to have turned around. Those darn parking signs are like reading Greek… or something…

    The Grandpa and baby look happy and ready for some loving!

    I seek the make the most of each day, not that I do but my intention is always to Live from the present moment!

  2. Terrill – Ouch! That’s an awfully expensive ticket. Sheesh!

    But well worth the price of admission to see adorable, 7-week old Isaac. Ohhhhhhhh, he’s cute! I especially like the photo of him with his bottom perched on David’s arm — that’s priceless!

    I’m looking forward to next week’s interview appearance with Jeff Stroud!

    Sprout Question: When was the last time you made the most of it?

    Raking leaves. We turn raking leaves into a play time with our dogs. It’s got to be done — so we simply choose to have fun while the job’s getting done.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • You caught me Laurie just before I fly out the door with bags bumping my legs as I run! Take care and best of the weekend to you! Raking leaves is definitely one of those “making the most of it” activities. Until later my friend!

  3. Congratulations, Terrill, on making the best of a bad situation. It’s not always easy to reclaim positive enegry, but I agree holding an adorable baby does help. I can just see the wheels turning in the last photo–oh, so cute!

    Thank you for mentioning our post in your blog. Have fun at Jeff’s and then when your done walk over to my place–I’ll have the tea on and we’ll have a chat. : )

    • Leanne it is such a pleasure to be featured in an interview on your blog. I just wish I could have been around to mention it more often in other networks. As for Jeff, sorry I wasn’t clear – Jeff is actually going to be featured in an interview I did with him right here on Creative Potager in the morning. So if you get a chance do drop by.

  4. Oh such sunny pictures of creation – thank you for sharing.

    We went to a wedding east of the Mountains in July. It was held on a beautiful lake and was a very hot day. We had decided not to take our puppy and stay overnight, but rather to make it a one day adventure, so we had a friend watch ZIP, and took off through the mountain passes and a great tunnel. We also delivered the bride’s dog to the wedding gala – best Dog Brodie. The bride and groom were disappointed we did not bring ZIP and had a rhinestone bandana, homemade treats, and a new toy for him.

    With a 3.5 hour drive to get home, we left about 6pm to head home. As we were coming out of the tunnel at one of the lower passes, my partner used the hybrid gear which builds energy in the batteries and we were coasting down. Near the base of the incline is a very small touristy town and a sign that says speed limit 35mph. We were still coasting down at 50 miles per hour with a huge SUV honking and pressuring from behind. Since the engine was not slowing us down, my partner shifted and was slowing down the car to the correct speed.

    We were pulled over…and got a $250 ticket and a lecture about how all these Westerners come over and think they know better than the locals. He asked 3 times if we had been drinking – we don’t drink alcohol. We paid the ticket, but this is so strange…
    My partner always uses the cruise control – so if the speed limit is 60 he is going 58
    We could not believe that he of all people got a speeding ticket. No one we tell can believe that we got a ticket….but it has made lots of folks burst out laughing and we have shared the trap zone with everyone we know.

    And why did the SUV that was flashing its lights and zoomed by us not get pulled over? Had a local license plate was our best guess….? Little towns need to make money these days – any way they can!

    • What a great story Patricia about “making the most of it” I can see how having something happen so out of character would have your family and friends bursting with laughter. It is kind of like – well if it could happen to him, it could happen to any of us and takes some of the sting out of being “caught.”

  5. Sorry to hear about your parking ticket. NOT a fun way to start the day. I smiled to hear–and see–how you made the best of it, though. The last time I had to turn around & make the most of a day which might not have been too much fun was during Barry’s heart catheterization this week. We turned a challenging day into smiles…

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