I made the cover

I made the cover! It isn’t the cover of the Rolling Stones but it is a glossy cover of a new regional magazine called ISLAND GALS reaching Vancouver Island and the smaller Gulf Islands. This includes British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria. Actually, my oil painting HENDERSON HILL made the cover and I made honourable mention in the top left hand corner. But it does make this artist’s heart beat like a ruffled grouse on a log to have her painting chosen as the magazine cover and to be featured under the title “create.”

Isn’t this exciting?

One of my goals for 2011 and 2012 is to expand my exposure beyond my immediate long-standing network. This is a necessary step for a successful art career. It is one of the reasons that artists have benefited from exposure through traditional galleries. But things are changing quickly between the buyer and artist relationship. Buyers seeking original art work have a keen desire to know and interact with the artist whose work they are collecting. They are and want to be part of the story about the work that is on their walls. It could be a place they visited. It could be one of the paintings they watched being developed. It could be that the painting reminds them of something that is significant in their experiences. Or it could be all of the above. The bottom line is collectors want direct contact with the artist. For artists this means moving beyond the traditional buyer to gallery to artist circuit.

I know I don’t need to convince you dear readers as you know this already. But from the business side of being an artist I must be clear with myself. I must purposefully take steps to ensure there is an expanding opportunity for my work to be seen and for buyers to connect directly with me. Creative Potager and other social networking platforms provide these opportunities on a global scale. However, being featured on the glossy cover of a magazine is just plain old-fashion, satisfying goodness.

NOTE: The 20 X 16 inch original oil painting of HENDERSON HILL is still available for $900.00 and can be purchased by contacting me directly via email at tawelch AT shaw DOT ca and I have a copy of the magazine to go with it 🙂

Best of the weekend to you and watch out for monsters and low flying witches but be sure to get out and kick some leaves!

Sprout Question: In your wildest dreams what magazine cover would you like to be on?


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35 thoughts on “I made the cover

  1. Wow! Many congrats to you for this cover.

    In my wildest dreams, I would like to be on the cover of Parade Magazine or one of the news magazines as someone who was wildly successful at midlife. Probably Newsweek (which Time would soon follow suit, quickly. LOL)

    My most exciting “cover” was the Lifestyle section of our local paper. A huge photo of me and a LONG story about my creative life here in Bakersfield.

    • Julie the “cover” of the Lifestyle section of your local paper sounds like a gem as well. I like your wildest dreams ideas too. You never know – it just might happen 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and celebrating with me.

  2. (Low wolf whistle) Woo hoo! It’s good to plan your direction upfront and know where you want to go. Very healthy approach. Is it wrong NOT to want to be on a cover?

    • Oh I heard that Pea! Yes knowing what we aspire to accomplish and creating a plan to get there is most helpful in actually someday getting there. And NO it is not wrong to NOT want to be on a cover.

      There is something to be said for privacy and a low profile. There is much freedom in slipping along in the quiet and shadows of a softly lit day. Here on Mayne Island there are still many who know my name but have not connected that name and my creative work with my physical being. I like that. I like being able to wander the beaches and go to the bookstore or get a video and NOT be Terrill Welch the artist and photographer. Eventually, in a life that is public this kind of anonymity disappears unless a person deliberately connects the diverse aspects of themselves so that people can begin to say… “oh that is just Terrill, she paints and take photographs you know.” I always want to be real and “just me.” You, as my blog readers, likely have a better chance of doing this than those in my physical community because you read my musings, my questions and get to know my family. Even though blog writing is still just a slice of my life it is a bigger slice than a magazine article or even an exhibition of my work.

      Pea, thank you for whistling! 🙂

  3. Terrill – I’ve been waiting all week long for this WONDERFUL post. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so darned tickled pink for you. This is a HUGE deal!

    “Expand my exposure” — yes, I’d say you NAILED it!

    HENDERSON HILL is beautiful — it stirrs up many thoughts and beckons me to find out just what, exactly, is over that rise.

    Sprout Question: In your wildest dreams what magazine cover would you like to be on?

    Mindful Metropolis

    Have a fantastic weekend as you float — feet never touching the ground — through the weekend on Cloud 9 !!

    • I just took a quick look at Mindful Metropolis as it wasn’t a magazine I had heard about – a perfect fit! I can seem you grinning off the cover in my minds eye right now 🙂 And thank you for celebrating with me too.

      I seem to remember Laurie that you are one of those witches we will have to watch out for over the next few days. I am taking my witches hat with me this weekend to my daughter’s house warming parting on Saturday. Might even blacken out a couple of teeth. That always freaks people out.

  4. Hip Hip Hurrah – Wow what a wonderful honor and treat, how nice to get on the cover and know it is just the start of so many good things.

    I love the cover picture, but am amazed by the bottom one – it just floods me with good thoughts and memories

    Happy Halloween celebrations – I love to create house blessings

    For much of my life I wanted to be a performer very similar to Julie Andrews and write books. When I discovered TED lectures, then I truly wanted to have something remarkable and forward thinking that a whole audience would want to listen for 20 minutes to what I had to say and share…
    Today, I would just like to have a nice picture of me to share with my children – it might even look good on a book jacket?

    • Thank you Patricia. Oh I can certainly relate to your latest aspirations with your photo on the jacket of a book for your children. That was my primary motivation for putting together PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in Paintings and photographs. It is dedicated to my grandchildren. It is a very satisfied feeling to be able to leave them something concrete that is important to me and how I experience the world.

    • Thanks Alison 🙂 I am not sure if earned it the right word as it is more likely due to good luck – defined as the point where preparation meets opportunity. I suppose there is an element of “earned” in there but it is only a smidgen of spice in the overall dessert of a by-chance set of circumstances. Best of the weekend to you!

  5. “On the cover of the rolling stone. Rolling Stone. Goin’ ta buy five copies for my mother.” YOu’ve got me singing, Terrill. Congratulations! This awesome news!
    Hmmm, magazines not so much. But on the radio-yup. Can’t wait to be interviewed on CBC radio’s Next Chapter. Yeah, this gal can dream.
    Enough about me, back to you… Love that photo–and I know where it is. ; )

    • That is exactly what I was humming when I wrote the post this morning Leanne and thank you. 🙂 CBC radio – well you just never know. Don’t give up before you start. It could happen. If this rain ever lets up you will be able to get out there and even walk that walk in the bottom photo.

  6. Congratulations Terrill, I am So….excited for you. Your work is beautiful, I’m so happy you are rewarded for it.
    My best to you, Brenda o.

    • Thanks Brenda! Appreciate you stopping in here at Creative Potager.

      Dear readers, do you remember me writing about “Baby O” who we now know as Coen? Well, Brenda O is Coen’s other grandma who lives far away in the middle of Canada along the US border. We have been lucky enough through our children to be able to get to know each other and even spent Christmas together one year with all of our kids. I am a firm believer that families never get smaller when the children leave – we just end up with more people who we recognize as family.

  7. Terrill!

    I am doing the happy dance for you!!! Yippie! I know how I would feel if this was happening to me and my work!!! Off the Fing charts!!!

    I love that road photograph, awesome perspective, taking us into the trees…
    I was just at a gathering watching documentary of Cezanne, and one of the woman was born and raised in Aix-en-Provence and went to the same art school as Cezanne, who just happened to be an artist, painter, sculpter, etc. One thing she said reminded me of your style of work. That spending time with the area, if she can, take photos and maybe a quick drawing…

    What magazine do I wish to be on the cover of? Hmm? National Geographic, Smithsonian, might as well think big!!!


    • Thank you Jeff and I do like big thinking! If one is going to put the time into thinking it might as well be on a grand scale. I was just looking at some of Cezanne work the other day in an art book I have. I must have something deeply in common with this time period because it all makes perfect sense to me as a creative process. I just this week finished a painting that I can’t unveil yet that is a result of studying other people’s photographs and doing other research to paint a place I have never been. It is an experiment for me and I may never do it again but it did teach me a lot about what goes into one of my paintings. This work is part of a larger collaborative project and will be shared once everyone has completed their paintings likely early in the new year. Fascinating experience though!

  8. Congratulations Teriil. Fantastic news and well-deserved in every sense!

    That’s quite a decent price on HENDERSON HILL I must say! And it’s magnificent.

    Many would say they’d like their photo taken with a replication of a lottery check!!! LOL!!!

    But I’ll try and be a little more creative than that! How about Sight and Sound!

    The leaves here in the northeast are finally changing, and we actually have some snow in the forecast for tomorrow!!!

    • Sam, for some reason your comment slipped through my posting of replies. I seem to remember reading someplace that you got a real dump of snow on the weekend. I shall be meandering over to Wonders in the Dark later today with any luck. Always appreciate your supportive words here! Let us know when you are the cover of Sight and Sound too 😉

  9. I LOVE the photo at the end of the post.

    If I could be on the cover of any magazine… I think it would be New Scientist or WIRED. It most certainly would need to be for an award in innovative teaching, this is something that I am not embarrassed to say I strive to achieve in my classroom every day. (I am not certain that I deserve an award for it, but it was in my wildest dreams, right?)

    Congratulations mom! Very proud of you. I hope you are keeping a scrapbook of all your published work…

    • Well you never know Jose, you might end up with an ward someday and be on the cover of WIRED. Wildest dreams sometimes become happen. But even if you don’t there are some very lucky students who benefit from your teaching dedication everyday – that is probably the best and most lasting reward ever 🙂

      Thank you and I sort of have a bit of a scrapbook – well, not really it is this binder that I stuff things into once in awhile. I was kinda hoping you might be keeping yes? Just teasing.

      Much love mom.

    • Thank you winsombella. Glad you had a chance to look around. Was it easy to find things and enjoy? I often wonder because I have organized it in a way that makes sense for me when I am adding new work.

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