Savouring the Blues

Yesterday was a fantastic Sunday for a stroll and to a poke about at the light house on Mayne Island. What really grabbed my attention was a clump of maples against the blues of the water and sky.

I also like this perspective and can’t decide which I like best. Because they are so similar I should probably only post one on my redbubble storefront.

Do you have a preference?

However, it is almost always the sea that pulls me into sublime bliss. This Sunday was no exception.

This brings me to some Monday morning news from Creative Potager. Do you remember the small 8 X 8 inch oil on canvas painting A SUMMER DAY that was the third I did during a plein air session this summer?

Well, it SOLD this weekend and is going to a lovely home here on Mayne island where it will be treasured.


The second good piece of news is that PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs


is now available as an ibook for $9.99 for those who have ipads or iphones. Isn’t this exciting? It can be purchased at the same place as the hardcopy on BLURB HERE.

Since I do not have an iphone or ipad I put in a request to a tweet-friend and iphone artist Sandra Lock in Liverpool England. Sandra reviewed the ibook for me and left the following comment on BLURB…

“I can wholeheartedly recommend the iBook. It looks fabulous on my iPad, there’s nothing quite like a backlit screen for making images really pop…” 

If you get a chance, I suggest you check out Sandra’s COLOUR YOUR WORLD Art Blog. And thank you Sandra for taking the time to review my first ibook 🙂


I have one more piece of news but I am going to wait until Friday to share it. I will give you a hint though – I made the cover or rather my painting did.



Sprout Question: Where are you finding sublime bless today?



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20 thoughts on “Savouring the Blues

  1. Terrill – You asked our Maple tree photo preference. Mine is the first one. There’s something about the balance in it that simply sings to my Libra heart.

    I’m so excited for you that A SUMMER DAY sold. Man-o-man, girl — you’re HOT! And I’m not in the least bit surprised that your work is going to be on the cover. Pretty soon the Queen’s going to invite you over for a spot of tea. You just MARK MY WORDS!

    I’m sure looking forward to Friday’s post to find out more about that cover!

    Sprout Question: Where are you finding sublime bliss today?

    Of all places, in the shower! Yessiree, I pulled in a Rubbermaid footstool, sat on it with my back to the shower-head, and wholly relaxed as the hot water pelted my neck and shoulders — washing the physical tension right down the drain 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie for stating your preference. I was leaning that way as well but David is of exactly the opposite opinion.

      A spot of tea with Queen you say!? Well I never even considered it. What a grand experience that would be. When I get invited would you care to join me? 😉

      I absolutely love your answer to today’s sprout question. May your day proceed with uplifting grace Laurie.

  2. Well, it’s not an easy task picking a winner between those two shots Terrill. The first shot holds a great lot of energy, hard to resist it’s strong stately ellegance. Of course the color mix in the second shot is charming, sweet and welcoming. . . . have you considered the possibility of using both shots? I ask only because what each communicates separately dramatically enhances the whole. . . . when I see them together the masculine and feminine energies join in perfect compliment of each other . . . a great visual to inspire the embodiment of this energy, perhaps even accompanied by a delightful short story on the subject a some point.

    • Ah Alison you may be on to something. No wonder I couldn’t decide which one was suppose to be put up on redbubble. I never even considered that they might be a pair. You are so wise! Thanks a bundle!

    • Thanks Monica! I don’t know if it is or not. I am guessing that at one point there was a lot more bank in front of this tree and it wasn’t so close to the water. The erosion is very evident is you go down on shore and look back up.

  3. Oh Terrill they are both lovely – I am more drawn to the first picture but I like the idea that they are a pair indeed – we have a sugar maple very close to the water too because of the erosion and the run off from the bluff of the hill – yesterday it was quite the view with the Capital Building and then Mount Rainer beside it….it was all most too much to be drawn in with the fog lifting to a sunny view.

    I have fallen into the blues yesterday and today and have been taking long, long walks in the sunshine to up the Vit D. I am discouraged by my life long learning disabilities and how they are playing out in trying to get Wise Ears up and running…I have no new clients coming in and the good news is my blogging friend (professional editor in Vancouver BC) said she uses the newsletter program and would try to help me – I feel a ray of hope returning…
    I am discouraged that my partner is still very angry with me about not bringing in some income and his 6 weeks bike trip did not ease the tensions there, nor did the death of the oven…I wish I had some money myself

    I do not think my body is ready to travel – I need some spontaneous healing to happen if I am going to be able to fly to San Francisco.

    I finally curled up yesterday and read a book you would enjoy – The Swan Thieves…took the author 2 decades to write, and it is about an Impressionist painter and a contemporary painter, a love story on top of another love story, a mystery and it is as beautifully written as your paintings….

    I haven’t felt this discouraged since I was in college and figured out I could not be a music major – I could only sing and I had to find a whole new “something to do” with my life….I am a survivor and a lemonade maker, but right now I just need to feel the feeling….

    The concert Sam Juliano went to in NYC Vocals accompanied by lute sounded like a stunning adventure….Wonders In the Dark is certainly full bore these days – what a sharing spot.

    • Patricia my heart goes out to you and many as like it or not these are hard economic times for huge numbers as our global economy spits and sputters in a gasp for a new breath we enter uncharted waters. We don’t speak of it much here but the impact is notable with many tangible indicators in my everyday. I have put on one of my favourite centering and uplifting cds as I sit with this reality for a moment. It is Lori-Ann Speed’s INSEARCH OF WINGS – Piano music for the soul. Here is a link to some of her newer music that you can listen to free on CBC I dedicate CRADLE OF DESTINY to you and to all of us as we navigate this time of profound economic change. May it bring you some comfort Patricia.

      Thank you so much for the suggested read of The Swan Thieves. It is now on my list 🙂
      And I totally agree with you Wonders in the Dark is a regular Monday Dairy visit for me though every day of the week is bountiful.

      • It was a lovely listen as good as the Swan Thieves read – Thank you so much Terrill.

        I have to honestly say, reading and reviewing the book You Are Not So Smart has really effected me….affected me? I wish I had never read that book and the title over 100 times. One of the other reviewers of that book just emailed me and is still feeling the same way – rather down and dissatisfied after reading it….Wow I have never ever had a book bother me so much – well, The Exorcist just turned me off of scary stuff all together.

        the music was lovely and clammed/calmed my soul and lightened my spirit. Thank you

        • Excellent Patricia… As for the book YOU ARE NOT SO SMART… from what you have said in your review I don’t think anyone enjoys discovering they are being duped left, right and center. It is NOT a good feeling as we DO think we are smarter than that. But we are not if we are not aware and sometime even when we are aware. Limiting exposure is always a good start. And taking time for critical thinking rather than being fed large amounts of information. I wonder what you are going to do with these reasonable and legitimate dissatisfied feelings that have come about from reading the book ? It is like once we know something it is impossible to go back to the way were were – because we now know.

  4. Both photos are beautiful, but if I had to choose it would have to be the first one. The sky, sea background enhances the image.
    Congratulations on the iphone (ipad) edition of your book and on the local sale. I wonder if I’ll have the pleasure of walking in the household and find your beautiful painting on the wall?
    Where did I find my bliss?
    At Tai Chi and then as I walked home in this glorious Autumn day.
    Enjoying the now,

    • Ah you might Leanne see it in a home here someday. There is a odd thing about where my paintings end up hanging. I would say possibly more than 60 % are hung in their owner’s bedrooms. At one time I was shocked by this finding. I thought – do they not like them well enough to share them with guests on their living room walls? Over time much curious observation I came to appreciate that this location spoke to the intimacy of my work and its invitation to the viewer to enter what is often described by others as a spiritual place. But have learned to recognize this element to both my painting and photography and the sanctuary retreat of la casa de inspiracion and of Mayne Island as well. Strange isn’t it the unintended consequences of our work? Now it our turn for a long walk in the afternoon sun 🙂

  5. Congrats on the sale and on the book! Yay!

    I like the top photo the best.
    The blue is much more intense, the yellow just bounces off of it!
    You can feel the day.

    wendy from CED

  6. I am finding sublime bless today in your oil painting. I just dived in. And might never resurface!!

    Personally I prefer the 2nd perspective of the trees — since you asked.

    Remember you popped over to my blog from Patricia’s Wisdom? Finally getting to you and I LOVE it here.

    Art IS life.


    • I do remember Jannie – a rooster floats on my coffee 🙂 Glad you got by and enjoyed the painting. Thanks for letting me know which one of the two photographs you prefer as well. It has been almost evenly split so I decided to do what Alison suggested and put them both up after all. Yes – Art IS this life for sure. Best of the week to you Jannie.

  7. And why I like the second one so well is…. what the mountains are doing behind it. Dancing, I think they are. 🙂 I like how they fill up the photo. And the maples in that seem friendlier from that angle, them all hugging and laughing.


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