Witch Black and Pumpkin Orange

For the last day of October and Halloween it seems appropriate to feature black and orange.

Witch Black with a split-rail fence.

Pumpkin Orange with maple trees glowing in the morning dew beside a farmer’s field.

At the bottom of a rock bluff at the intersection.

Or looking across to Curlew Island.

Sprout Question: What do you associate with witch black and pumpkin orange?

Happy Halloween!


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FromMayne Island,British Columbia,Canada

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19 thoughts on “Witch Black and Pumpkin Orange

  1. Terrill – lucious photographs!I think the third one is my favorite, although it’s hard to tell because they’re neck-and-neck!

    Sprout Question: What do you associate with witch black and pumpkin orange?

    The mascot at the rival high school where I grew up was a black and orange cougar (we were the patriots – red, white, and blue)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Terrill,

    Inspiring photographs! I like the first one the most. The second and fourth one seemed to be captured in mist of something? It is the second time I notice this effect on peoples photographs in the past two days, maybe it is my eyes?

    Witch and pumpkin orange I only associate with Halloween ! Trick or treat!

    • Jeff what you are noticing in my photographs at least is the early morning haze that is slightly smoky due to fall burning. It is different than regular mist in that it has a bluish tint to it. I sometimes grumble about it but it is an aspect of our fall weather so until the burning is finished and we get some heavy rain to settle the particles it will be event in many of my photographs. Hope you had a happy Halloween.

  3. Beautiful. I especially like the pumpkin orange maple trees. Those colors mean trick or treat to me……and high school colors from a long time ago.

  4. What a lovely Halloween card – Thank you
    We are having fabulous sunshine and 54’F this morning…Zip and I took a double walk and just enjoyed and enjoyed.

    I was just thinking of a favorite Halloween costume my brother made me when I was about 7 yrs. old.
    He took black art board, thin, and made me a Mad Hatter’s Hat that rested on my head and came down to my knees….No one could guess who I was, it was a bit hard to play games in so I had to take it off and reveal. This introvert got lots of attention, but safely tucked inside the shell.

    My Mother made me an pumpkin orange set of pajamas one year then added leaves and a stem hat. It was a great costume and very nice, and I liked that my mum took the time to make it for me, but the hard part was I had to wear it for Pjs the next 3 winters ( without leaves and stem). The hardest part was that my mum thought my favorite color was orange for many, many years…and she wove me a fall colored afghan for college and a bathrobe and a corduroy jumper with a brown sweater. I am a navy blue person….I still have the lovely afghan and treasure it – I gave the bathrobe away in college and I do not think I ever wore the orange jumper……One of my kids is still wearing the brown sweater – they all liked it when they were sick as kids because it was so big and I did not worry about washing it….it was knit like iron!
    Oh nice to think of orange and black colors today

    • What heart-warming stories Patricia. I so enjoy your storytelling – feels so much like we are sipping tea together out by the fire place. Isn’t it funny how people get hooked on an association with us and it expands and grows and grows. I know people with whole collections of elephant or frog ornaments that got started with one gift that they were thrilled with. Forty years later the critters keep filling the shelves.

  5. Sorry for coming late to the party. I hope there’s a piece of pumpkin pie left for me. So now you know about orange. What about black? I associate this colour with wisdom–especially wisdom women (my intent is to join this rank, some day).
    Happy Samhain, Terrill

  6. I thought I loved the first pic…and then I saw the second pic…then I saw the third pic…

    You get where I’m going with this! The 2nd and 4th look like one of your ridonculous paintings! (Ridonculous good that is!) Outstanding.

    Sprouty: I’m the odd kid in school on this one – I have no association with these colours!

    • Pea I keep giggling about “Sprouty:” – what a great shortening of “Sprout Question!” I might just keep it 🙂

      Okay my second – look-up of the morning “ridonculous.” I am assuming you are meaning the fourth meaning Ridonculous is a highly technical term used to define anything that blows one’s mind. In general usage, it refers to something that is incomprehensibly amazing. Rather than the fifth meaning of To transcend the ridiculous, a cross between the words ‘ridiculous’ and ‘donkey’ To denote something that is so ridiculous it’s on the level of a jackass or the asinine. At least I am hoping 😉 Reference: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ridonculous

  7. Ha ha! Definitely the fourth meaning M’Lady!

    And ‘Sprouty’…my lawyers will be in touch re copyright! 🙂 Nah, folks with RIDONCULOUS talent should be exempt of all laws.

  8. These arresting colors were obscured last week by old man winter, who reared his urgly head in time to spoli the party for many with his premature forecefullness, but the colors you exquisitely display are now back in season so to speak! Ha!

    • I thought you had had some snow out there Sam. We got our first frost in the field below the house this morning. Looked lovely with the neighbour’s sheep out grazing. I should have taken some photographs but I sipped my coffee and just enjoyed the view instead.

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