Toast is Best


This young fellow has been my early morning breakfast company for the past few days. We love our organic, heavy, wood-oven baked bread, toast in the morning. With both of us being natural morning people we have even left mom and dad sleeping on occasion.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Years Eve.

Sprout: Who is the newest person in your life you are enjoying getting to know?


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8 thoughts on “Toast is Best

  1. Terrill,
    That same little guy is who we enjoyed getting to know this Christmas. Coen is a beautiful little boy and got to know Grandma and Grandpa O. too. We’re happy that you get to spend time with him over the holidays.
    With our best wishes for the new year,
    Pat and Brenda

    • Brenda and Pat, I am equally thrilled that you were able to get a nice long visit on him as well. I know it is much harder with being so far away. You are so right, he is a beautiful little boy – inside and out. Maybe next year we will be able to all be in the same place to enjoy him together… it might happen. One never knows. All the best for the New Year to you as well! P.S. Home again now. Ryan stayed up with Coen and I this morning and made us pancakes with banana topping. Delicious!

  2. What a GREAAAAAAAAT photograph and a TERRRRRRRRRIFIC breakfast companion!

    Sprout: Who is the newest person in your life you are enjoying getting to know?

    Other than the new souls that I’m privileged to help usher into this world as a labor/birth coach, I don’t have any folks that young as companions. If my son ever announces that he’s going to be a dad and I’m going to be a grandma, you’ll hear me yodel with joy from here 🙂

    • Well if your son comes through I will be hollering right a long with you Laurie. I enjoy being a grandma as much as I did do a mom except it is extra special with others taking on the brunt of the worrying.

  3. Delightful.
    I used to be a morning person, now it is so hard to get out of bed.

    I have a neighbor who is an outspoken 3 year old…HAZEL and as Zip and I walk down her street nearly every morning – she races outside to greet us by name and we check in with her….what a delight and new in my life…

    • I have this great mental picture of you Patricia on your walk with zip and this little girl coming out to meet you. How wonderful! I don’t always get up earlier either anymore. It just depends when I go to bed. If I work physically hard during the day I will go to bed before 10:00 pm and then I am up by 5:30 or 6:00 am. In the winter I tend to sleep a little later almost as if it is daylight that gets me up rather than a clock.

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