Nothing Heavier and calling on van Gogh

There is nothing heavier than west coast winter clouds that reach down and touch the toes of the earth for days. It is a never-ending dull dawn that is late coming and then softly sinks back into night sometime after lunch. A person can lose perspective and become disoriented as she waits and waits for the sun to make an appearance. But for now the curtain is down. Slightly disgruntled and a little restless, she slowly turns the pages in her book.

Good morning… I think 🙂

Sprout: When was the last time you saw the sun? Tell me, how is she doing?

Seed: Perspective is so much more than the relationship between the things on the canvas. I want to paint but the thought of all that gray showing up is enough to leave the paint brushes in the jar for just a wee bit longer. Maybe I will go hang out in Vincent van Gogh’sOlive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun” painted in 1889. Just look at those brushstrokes!


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12 thoughts on “Nothing Heavier and calling on van Gogh

    • Your efforts winsomebella seem to be helping to break the clouds up just a bit. No sunshine but a bit brighter today and warm. We had breakfast outside at the little cafe down by the ferry. Yes, it is definitely curl-up-by-the-fire-with-a-good-book kind of a day.

  1. Terrill – I love your opening line. Please know that the silver lining to your unrelenting weather, is that your readers get to enjoy the photograph, without benefit of the heaviness.

    Sprout: When was the last time you saw the sun? Tell me, how is she doing?

    I’m pleased to report that she’s fine and well in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Better yet, we’ve only had a few sporadic dustings of snow this fine winter season. In our neck of the woods it appears that Merry Sunshine has whipped the pants off Old Man Winter!

  2. The sun shown here today. . . for a bit. Ya, I know, I’ve lived in “North West country”. . . it takes A LOT of strength to abide by those rules of nature. Best to go with the “flow” of it all, doncha think. . and pony up w/a TON of Vitimin D3.

    • It is true Alison and yet I love it! These times of deep quiet and lack of external stimulation seem to make the bright days that much more intense – even if I do moan about them every now and then 😉

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  4. Terrill,

    I am not sure that the Sun has shown much here either, with another chest cold paying attention to outside is not my agenda.

    I do recall during our first walk of the morning/day the tops of the trees glowing in golden/orange and sky behind me streak with pink-golden light of Sun Rise… after that the day was bless with rest and Facebook… some art…

    Van Gogh had some color and strokes going, in some ways his work looks like he was mad when he painted… yet he captures something no one else has.

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