Meet me at the Salish Sea for Sunrise

I wish I had an easy way to settle us into this early morning adventure but the sun is getting up earlier and we are greeted immediately with a mauve Salish Sea sunrise.

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Let’s get Miss Prissy stopped and get that camera out! Quick! We have some photographs to take. Careful though, there is frost and things are a might slippery.

Oh look now! Such a splendid pink.

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The tide is high so we will have to stay on high ground. But it looks like there is just enough room to inch over to a comfy spot there and lean on a large sandstone rock. Ah yes, now the mauve and pink are together.

But it will change quickly again. Well, good morning! For a dawn like this, one must clean up don’t you agree?

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And off he goes to test the morning air. Such freedom in this flight at dawn.

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Circling around and coming back as if on angel wings.

(image may be purchased HERE 

Breathe in, rest and give thanks for another day with a beautiful dawn on the Salish Sea. Now are you not glad you met me at the Salish Sea for sunrise?

Be sure to join me again tomorrow  for a whale of a story.


SPROUT: What gifts of today’s dawn are you thankful for? 


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12 thoughts on “Meet me at the Salish Sea for Sunrise

  1. Whooooops! I slipped on an icy rock, but that didn’t diminish the glorious mango-tinted sunrise.

    SPROUT: What gifts of today’s dawn are you thankful for?

    Creativity! I’m still in my jammies writing an article for Evolving Your Spirit magazine titled “Om Takes Us Home.”

  2. Thanks for getting up and capturing this for us…I like to get up several times a year to see sunrise…
    This morning’s dawn revealed about 3 inches of snow and it is lazily snowing…Zip is busy barking at the clods falling from the trees as it warms up…

    I seem to be in a moon phase right now, waking up in the middle of sleep to see the moon break thru clouds for a few minutes. I have not been able to take a picture of those moments with my little camera.

    Dawn is lovely particularly from your point of view!

    • Patricia like you I had woken up to the moon at 3:30 am on this particular morning. Surprisingly David woke up at the same time. We were both wide awake so I made us fresh biscuits with asiago cheese and tea. At 6:30 am my sweetie slipped back under the covers and I started getting ready to go catch the sunrise. When I returned home at 9:30 am he was still peacefully sleeping. But I wouldn’t have missed this sunrise for anything. There is something virtuously grand about this time of day by the sea. So I am so glad you came with me Patricia and were able to enjoy it while the snow falls outside your window.

  3. These are all so surreal – just beautiful. . . and I so appreciat all morning shots as I so seldom am up early enough to catch the grace of first light.

    The gift I am most thankful for today is receiving the multidimensional gaze of heart opening love-light through a humble man named Braco via world-wide live stream gazing AND as a result to feel the heart and soul connect with the loving presence of my dad, who passed 12 years ago today.

  4. What lovely shades of pink and mauve! Your sunrises are enticing me to wake up early out of a warm bed to venture outdoors into the cold soon! Beautiful as always.

    What gifts of today’s dawn am I thankful for? Inspiration! I’m planning on sitting under some warm blankets and editing photos I have sorely fell behind on. Possibly some drawing this evening? I may need some eye readjustment after staring at the screen for so long!

    • Andrea I can relate to the eye strain. I expect this will be addressed at some point for computer work. I understand from people like Laurie that the kindle and readers are much easier to look at. Good luck with your creative processes!

  5. Glorious, just glorious! Dawn has always been my favorite part of the day, such a sense of newness, of all possibilities. Rick and I have both been enjoying these wonderful pictures, indulging in a moment or two of remembering these amazing skies and reminiscing. Maybe feeling a wee bit homesick.

    • Colleen I am delighted and thrilled that both of you find such joy in stopping by to see what I have found to share with you! I hope it is homesick feelings in a good way… the kind that feed possibility rather than take energy away from your present.

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