ORCAS IN EVENING original painting by Terrill Welch

I am sure many of you remember my recent “A Whale of a Story” where I was gifted a chance to photograph Killer Whales or Orcas from our Mayne Island shore on one of my recent January photo shoots. If you have a look at that post you will be able to see where I the inspiration for this painting came from.

ORCAS IN EVENING is a 12 x 12 inch oil on gessobord with a 2 inch wood cradle


In many ways this painting was a stretch for me. I seldom paint animals or birds into my paintings of sea or landscapes. This time I wanted to have the Orcas included. It was such thrill to see them like this I just felt “I must!” However, I wanted to do this in a way you could “feel” rather than just “see” the Orcas in their natural environment at sunset. This is why I anchored my work in the quote from Claude Monet and intention from an earlier post “Painting the Desperation of Wanting to Stay Alive.” I wanted to paint the impression of whales as seen from “the glance.” What do you think? Was I successful?

I also was thrilled to have the chance to paint pinks, oranges and mauve. Though still grounded in the body of cool-blue tones that are our foundation here on the west coast of Canada these “hot colours” are not common in my work. I couldn’t help but think of the paintings of a colleague and artist Lena Levin. You can view her work on her website Though she has primarily still life work at the moment, she did do a seascape a while back that she felt had been influenced by my work. Now it is my turn to share that this piece was definitely influences by her astounding palette development in these sunset colours. Do check out her Ten A Penny experiment as well. It is an idea I am watching closely. Even though I don’t do a lot of what are called “studies” I really like the concept. Lena is also on G+ HERE if you want to drop by and say “hello” or browse her recent posts.

SPROUT: Who is having a profound influence on your work of late? 

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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14 thoughts on “ORCAS IN EVENING original painting by Terrill Welch

  1. Terrill – You asked, “Was I successful?” Oh boy howdy, you are spot on!

    SPROUT: Who is having a profound influence on your work of late?

    That would have to be Maeve Binchy — storyteller extraordinaire.

  2. This is truly a spectacular painting, one of your finest oils ever. It’s textured, atmospheric and ravishing. And the price is most reasonable.

    As of late I’ve relied on my readers to pass on the good word. Ha!

  3. Yes you are successful and so is your painting, I could just draw up into my mind’s eye the very photograph you were going to use…Lovely and I know those Whale y moments

    My partner turns 65 in July, we have been influenced by all the meetings and research we need to do to find the money for his health insurance supplemental, his drug premiums, and his co-pays so he can have Medicare when he turns 65. We will save about $50 a month over what we pay now for him. Then all the decisions about when to sell the house or not, when to actually retire, when we can afford to ( never at the moment) What can we downsize.

    Then I am still trying to build my business…IT all feels like WORK and more WORK right now…and not very fun.

    IT is extremely intense and time consuming.

    I love coming here for my vacations and just enjoy the view 🙂 thank you for sharing

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