Say Yes Whenever Possible

I love YES! YES is the best way to open up and free energy in the most synergistic way both personally and with others. Take for example a sunny Sunday morning on April 1st in Victoria B.C. The morning ferry arrived 1.5 hours before our primary stop to pick up two chairs opened. What possibly could a nature, land and seascape photographer say YES to at this time of day and week? How about a walk on Dallas Road? Of course, yes, I do have my camera. Shall we?

Oh it is a most glorious day don’t you think?

(image is available for purchase HERE

And finally the sea!

Before we leave to go pick up those chairs, a reminder that today is the second to last day of my

Spring Studio Sale – Art is not ART until it is SOLD

event. The sale ends at midnight P.D.T. Wednesday April 4th for the five oil paintings and they will return to their regular price and be included in an increase to all of my original paintings as of May 1, 2012. There will be a large showing of my paintings and photography  for the Mayne Island Home and Garden Tour this year followed by an Open Studio day July 1, 2012. I will combine these opportunities with another online showing so stay tuned if you have your eye on collecting one of my original paintings. In the meantime current work is available on the Artsy Home online gallery – just scroll down a little the paintings are just below the my bio.

I hope you have enjoyed this latest event as much as I have and thank you to everyone who shared my work with others, who showed their interest in specific paintings and who offered words of support and encouragement. Thank you!

SPROUT: How are you going to say  “YES”  today?

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15 thoughts on “Say Yes Whenever Possible

  1. You should read The Happiness Project – it’s all about saying yes, and living life to the fullest and happiest.

  2. Terrill – the second photograph is the one that took my breath away with its loveliness.

    SPROUT: How are you going to say ”YES” today?

    I already did it. A person who was renting my office at HolEssence on the days I’m not there just let me know that she’s not going to be able to fulfill her rent contract for the rest of the year because she’s moving, and would I let her out of the agreement without penalty. I say YES, of course.

  3. I love the gentle power in the waves captured in your last photo.
    To answer… I’m going to say Yes to that which feeds me, and Yes to rejecting that which unfairly weighs me down and Yes to the power to decide.

    • Thank you Maureen and thank you for the link as well 🙂 Are you another one who is having trouble commenting with the resent wordpress changes? I only ask as I you ended up in my moderation requests 🙂

  4. Yeah Terrill, the wordpress changes have been an annoyance I must admit, though after a while you can sort things out well enough. I did place a previous comment a few minutes ago on your latest post that also wound up in moderation, though I’m thinking the two links did the trick there. The first here is my favorite, but all are fabulous.

    I said ‘yes’ when a few of my kids asked to see the 3D of the 1997 TITANIC in local theatres this past Wednesday night.

    • I found it Sam and I too think the links were the moderating issue for that comment. This happens if I put one in on your posts as well. Good for you – sometimes it is the things we say “yes” to with our children that make a “no” another time a whole lot easier to live with.

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