European Fallow Deer Mayne Island

We had a nice surprise visit late yesterday afternoon on the valley floor below our house. These two buck Fallow Deer stood long enough for me to photograph when we whistled at the them. You may wonder what European Fallow Deer are doing on Mayne Island off the southwest coast of Canada and it is a good question. Sometime in the 1990’s they were brought here to farm and eventually a few got away which has led to the foreign immigrants becoming wild inhabitants on the island. Though they are extremely pretty they are not favoured by locals as they compete with the native deer for limited food. They are also much more fearful and wary. This is the best photograph I have been able to get in five years. Enjoy!

SPROUT: If you could see anything you wanted out of your favourite window in your home what would it be?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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5 thoughts on “European Fallow Deer Mayne Island

  1. Terrill – What a lovely photograph with them showing off their speckled coats and baby, fur-laden antlers.

    SPROUT: If you could see anything you wanted out of your favourite window in your home what would it be?

    The North Sea — as that would mean I’m in my dream cottage in the Highlands of Scotland.

  2. Anything out my window? On such a beautiful sunny day after weeks of gray and rain and more coming tomorrow – well my eyes are dazzled by the warm light and I can not think of anything else…well maybe an omen that several men did not win elections coming up….I just feel sad about all the rights being taken away from women and the Texas hold on our lives right now and it is coloring my world with so much hate it truly concerns me… The deer are innocent intruders which are creating a life change that may not be beneficial to the environment. Fear and hate about what might be the future just grows as the objects just look on and to survive.

    • I too have been musing about some of the political and global economic realities Patricia. I believe the world will not be as it has been and that we are on a grand new adventure that has less, in fact maybe much less to do with material wealth. But we shall find our way whether deer or humans – this too I believe.

  3. Terrill, I truly wanted to leave a well-thought out reply, searching deep for something spiritual and truly meaningful. Instead I will be honest and as shallow as top soil on a red-clay Georgia hill, I would love to see the mail-man walking to my door, bearing the registered letter holding my 20 million dollar contract for the book I have yet to write. I’m not wasting my wishes on a new tractor.

    • Well as long as you can manage without the new tractor Sandi I say go for it! If wish comes true then a new tractor should be no problem… though I am not sure when you would get to drive it with all the writing you will be required to do 🙂

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