Autumn Sliced with a Tear

Just the highlights from a painter and photographer’s last five days…

Sunday – Today is one of those slow-baked, melancholy west coast Sundays, so moist and tender you can slice it with a tear.

Autumn Sliced with a Tear

(available in my redbubble store at HERE)

Monday – new painting.

To see at a glance the cliffside, the sea and the movement of light across the canvas. This unframed 16 x 12 inch oil on canvas is a studio-finished plein air impressionist painting of one of the most beautiful location on the southern most gulf Island off the west coast of Canada.

Fiddlers Cliffside Saturna Island  – oil painting

This painting is now in a private collection.

Tuesday –  After an appointment this morning I slipped off to the sea – for no reason other than to say “hello” to the sea, the sun and today.

Here is Today

Wednesday – Perfect for today…. Moroccan Harira Soup

Every time I make this soup I do something a little different. Today it was 1/2 cup of dried organic French du Puy Lentils instead of the ready-to-go canned ones. Just add the dried lentils at the same time as the carrots. Enjoy and feel free to add and delete veggies… it all works. No potatoes or cabbage in mine today 🙂

ThursdaySeagull Cry Mayne Island

These gray days are as much a part of west coast life as the gulls. Loneliness and aloneness are so close that they whisper to each other and can be heard above the wind and pelting rain.

There is a Haiku poem by Alexis Rotella that came to mind as I closed in on framing this image….

The Gull
giving loneliness

SPROUT: What are some of the high lights of your creative week?

P.S. I left out the event of locking my keys in the car over by the daffodil garden. It was not a highlight. Thankfully, because the kindness of one of our Mayne Island residents, it was only a minor bleep in the week.

Today I have a long list of tasks in preparation to leave for the big city Vancouver B.C. on Friday morning. I wish all the best for today and the weekend.

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15 thoughts on “Autumn Sliced with a Tear

  1. Terrill – Oh the juiciness of saying hello to the sea!

    I enjoyed each of the photos, but the one that really called to me today is Seagull Cry – it’s very compelling in a melancholy sort of way.

    SPROUT: What are some of the high lights of your creative week?

    I’m almost completely ready for my speaking engagement in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I leave in 10 days.

    Have a wonderful time in the big city, Terrill 🙂

  2. For me the creative highlights of the week occurred on my way to work at a cube farm where creativity is punished. The morning light from the bus was wonderful on two days – golden colours on orange arbutus bark and shiny green leaves, a flicker on the lawn watching the bus carefully as we pass, in case we might try to pounce, dark waters of Juan de Fuca with light grey and white skies, wet roads reflecting brighter patches of sky. I often wish, on the way to work, to get off the bus and spend an hour or two taking photos, but some of the things I see stick with me like photos, for a few days and this week was quite rich in such moments. Even though it was soaking wet and the start of winter.

    • You have given us a beautiful picture with your words Ehpem. I enjoyed the whole trip even though a little sad you were not able to get off and go about the day with your camera. I hope have a writing device of some sort for those bus rides where the camera is not practical. And what is a “cube farm?”

      • The trip is pretty short and I like to look, so writing is not really an option. A cube farm is an office of cubicles where us workers are arranged like cattle in pens, or chickens in cages. Good thing you don’t know about them, they are not much good for the soul. But, pays the mortgage …

  3. Autumn Sliced by a Tear–such a poetic name for such a beautiful photo. Do you have a card of that image?
    One of the highlights of my creative week was being whispered awake by my muse at 5 a.m. Thankfully I have a pen and paper by my bed. Autumn is a time to slumber.
    The other was waking before 7 this morning to the dawn light gently transforming the sky from black to a soft grey.
    Talk with you soon, Terrill

    • I don’t have a card of this image yet Leanne though I could make you up one using a small print since you are so close and it doesn’t require shipping. Those early dawns are much nicer now that they come a little later in the day and yes late fall is a time of slumber for me as well 🙂

  4. Hi Terrill, what lovely work shared today…I just paused here for the duration. We had a thunder and lightning brief storm last night which upset the pup and has left a ton of leaves and needles down on the ground.
    I had to go back with my rake and clean out 17 or the 19 gutters that were not draining on my walk route – yesterday I took 2 hours and swept the cedar needles off the drive and out of the drain in front of our house. The new kids moved in next door, from Vancouver BC , will have a big learning curve with their first house. I just do not want the bedroom level of our house flooded again……3 times in 22 years, that is with a huge city drain down the bluff, 2 sump pumps and 2 french drains – we are the lowest point on the bluff over looking the lake and sound. But these storms do come by.

    I guess I have to accept the fact that I did not get to a ferry boat ride this year. We have been very busy trying to win an election with the one candidate getting a $6 million dollar cover up of how manipulative and nasty he is. The Sierra Club and several lawyers groups have law suits against him for years. And I know the BC government is opposed, but $6 Million is a lot of deception.

    I am trying to slow down now that the ballots have arrived, but am worried I am giving myself an ulcer. Women’s health and Women’s rights are as much at stake as 100 million acres of National Forest land.

    • Politics at the moment seem to boggle the mind more than usual Patricia and maybe next year will be your year to catch a ferry. Here is hoping. It would be lovely to meet you in person. I was splashing through the big puddles of water on the highway going to the ferry before daylight this morning. It seems a lot of water got dropped during the night. But home now.

  5. Terrill–
    First off have a great trip to Vancouver! I know you were there last year as I recall, and you had a wonderful experience. You really have captured the impressions of autumn, from the colored leaves in the first painting gem, to the Cliffside Saturna Island to the delectable Moroccan Harira soup to the gulls along the rocky beach. I know there is scenic wonderment in your resplendent neck of the woods, and the season is always a creative inspiration. The creative highlight this week was the dramatic reading of Alfred Noyes’ famed story poem “The Highwayman” to a sixth grade class, and the terrific discussion with the kids about story poems, one which had several at the top of their game.

    Here’s to a wonderful weekend away from your Mayne Island paradise.

    • I have always enjoyed “The Highwayman” Sam. Wish I could have slipped into the back of your class for that discussion! It was great time in the city and now I am home again all safe and cozy 🙂

  6. It is great to catch up with you! You are inspiring ! I recently, last weekend attended Philadelphia Open Studio tours and while my friend was interviewing one of the artist’s she said something about when she has her work on display, as in a fair, that connecting to the people and discussing her work allows people to feel a deeper connection to the art. Which is what I think your blogging and your relationship to your painting and photography offers all of us!

    Thank you Terrill!

    • I hope this is the case Jeff as this is my intention – not just a deeper connection to the art but to the natural world and our our relationship to it. I have been noticing that you have been showing your work more and more. Congratulations on this and your continued adventures with your photography.

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