Terrill Welch Painting and Photography Calendars

A meeting I had scheduled this morning was cancelled. So I have the whole day open ahead of me. I am trying to keep the brushes in the jars because I need to prepare for the next show of small works at a local venue… and for the online Salish Sea Sunday Savings event this Sunday October 28th here at Creative Potager. Thanks to having my paintings now available for purchase online, the event will last for 24 hours this year starting at 9:00 am Pacific Time.

But while you are waiting for me to pull everything together, I am offering a choice between these four calendars at Redbubble. The regular price after Sunday will be $45.00. Right now they are less – much less 🙂

Study of Blue by Terrill Welch

Available HERE.

Mayne Island Tree Spirits by Terrill Welch

Available HERE.

Sea Land and Time Mayne Island by Terrill Welch

Available HERE.

And finally…

Seems To Be by Terrill Welch

Available HERE.

Enjoy! And the best of today to you…. Now where did I put that roll of hanging wire again?

SPROUT: What seasonal creative celebration events are you working on?

ONLINE GALLERIES with Terrill Welch paintings include –

Xanadu Studio Gallery for large original paintings

Artsy Home for most original oil paintings currently available

Current Local Mayne Island VENUES –

Green House Restaurant – small original oil paintings

Farm Gate Store – one large painting

And by appointment at Terrill Welch’s home studio

© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at http://www.redbubble.com/people/terrillwelch

Creative Potager – where imagination rules. Be inspired.

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

18 thoughts on “Terrill Welch Painting and Photography Calendars

  1. Terrill – Wow – You’ve offered a beautiful feast of options to choose from.

    SPROUT: What seasonal creative celebration events are you working on?

    I leave this weekend for San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where the locals will be gearing up to celebrate Dia Los Muertos – Day of the Dead. I’ll be posting about that on Tuesday. Stay tuned…

  2. Hi Terrill – those are all beautiful, and worth every penny. However the redbubble shipping charge seems over the top and caused me to think again about ordering one. Do you sell them in any stores in the Victoria area?

    • Thanks Ehpem! And I hear you about shipping cost. The Salish Sea Savings price is my way of easing that shipping cost pain somewhat. I do not bring these calendars in to physical locations because of their limited shelf life and also because of the plethora of mass-produced calendars that are at a price I cannot compete against.

      However, buyers of my calendars tell me three things.

      1. The calendars are beautiful and large enough to write on for household coordination.
      2.The calendars are collector items and they do not write in them at all and keep them pristine as a piece of art.
      3.The printing of the calendars are of such a good quality that at the end of the year they cut out their favourite images, frame them and then hang them on their wall as prints.

      But if none of this seems to appeal to you, there is one other way to get around the pain of individual calendar order shipping costs:

      I just checked and adding each additional calendar only increases the shipping by a little with each one (to my address it is just over a $1.00 with each additional calendar.) So a person could get a couple of friends to join them and put in one order and share the shipping cost. Or, a person could order a few and give the extras as gifts.

      I hope some of these ideas are useful Ehpem and thank you for your interest in my work. It is most appreciated! 🙂 And please do let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      • Thanks for the info – I just thought if they happened to be in a store that I would save myself the extra dollars, since we live in the same neck of the woods. I might just have to buy a couple, gift giving season is coming up pretty quickly.

        • I know Ehpem it would be nice wouldn’t it to have them available locally? 🙂 However, better than 50% of my both my photography and paintings go to homes outside of Canada. So my best service to customers is to provide online purchase availability. Maybe someday this will change but it doesn’t seem likely in the near future. I think you will be pleased with your purchases both for yourself and for gifts. The current prices are in place until Monday at 9:00 am so there is still some time to think about it. All the best, Terrill 🙂

      • Hey, I totally understand. Besides which, that kind of merchandising (driving around delivering and taking calls from merchants and so on) would distract you from making new works, and the stores take a big % too.

        • They do at that Ehpem! You are right also about the time factor particularly with living on a small island. I do have some of small paintings, photography prints and greeting cards in the local Green House Bar and Grill here on Mayne Island. This seems to work okay – no ferries involved 😉

      • I just wanted to say that our calendars arrived, and they are all that you list above and more. Very nicely produced, very high quality. And so nice to see the photographs in a print form. They are going to be very successful presents this year. Thanks!

  3. Right now Terrill, on the East coast in the norther New Jersey/NYC area we are bracing for Hurricane sandy, a whopper of a storm that is joining together with two cold air masses from the north and west to pose a “Frankenstorm” that many meteorologists are saying may well be the worst on record. Power outages, severe flooding, billions of dollars of damage are all in the forecast. It’s a fearful time for sure.

    In any case you have again offered up a sweetheart of a deal here, with eye candy for all who appreciate beauty and exquisite art!

    • Thank you your kind words about my work Sam – though it is not of most concern at the moment. I have just been reading about the storm approaching your area. Not good at all. I send my thoughts for the safety of you and your family and of our own family who are in the path of this treacherous beast of a storm.

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