Open window and life

September 20, 2012 I stop to look at the factory-come-studio building across the street. The various layers of inside-out with its partially open window are a symbolic replica of my life. Some aspects seem clear and concise until I try to look more closely. Then most knowing seems to disappear under my scrutiny. The various compartments and panes separating and holding together with equal and debatable success. Yet, I am charmed by the window – as I am similarly by my life.

open window Ossington St. Toronto by Terrill Welch 2012_09_20_30 519

Open Window – Ossington St. Toronto photograph by Terrill Welch

With rain and darkness filling most of the last twenty-four hours I opted for visiting today. Baking powder biscuits whipped together, served hot with my mother’s raspberry jam and strong dark coffee wrapped soothingly around great company. The heated tile floors were cozy as our laughter soaked into the far corners next to the unnoticed cobwebs.So nice to have a guest in our home.

Tomorrow, I shall paint. Today I shall be. A pleasant Monday to you and I wish you all much success during the week ahead accompanied by the ability to accept what is.


What did you see through the open window in your life today?


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8 thoughts on “Open window and life

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, Terrill.
    Inspired I answer…
    I saw the lights on the Mayne Island (communal) Christmas tree. : )
    (I’m not sure how many islanders think of it as a communal tree–but I do.)

    • I think you may have a lot of company with that perspective Leanne. I will be away this year for Christmas eve but it is certainly a special night here on Mayne Island. I might have to talk David into going with me into town after dark just to have a look.

  2. Yes Leanne and thankyou from me tooTerrill,

    Today I worked hard till my head ached, then walked to my car in the life-giving hot sun, smelling the fresh cut grass and noticing where the rabbits had dug, and it was all ok by the time I sat down to drive home.

  3. Good Morning Terrill,

    What I saw was not through any windows, or maybe just the window of the soul, if there is such a thing?
    I almost immediately compared your photo to one of Walker Evan’s and a Master Photographer Assignment from the book 101 Quick and easy ideas taken from Master Photographers of the 21st century.
    Staying present to what you were writing, your comparison was to your life, open and closed, dull & colorful, as life experiences go!

  4. Very beautiful, Terrill. Through the open window of my life (right now) I see only darkness. Dark skies, dark forest, dark night. Inside we might put up tiny twinkling Christmas lights. And am baking broccoli for the first time, before spreading it with spicy mustard and decking it with Panko bread crumbs. Hope you are having a good weekend.

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