Artist Studio in real time

Today my art studio is feeling and looking like a real mess.

Artist's studio table by Terrill Welch 2013_02_03 005

I can see I have paint that has now dried onto my enamel table top. Not very pleasing at all. Nor is the unfinished applications for our expired passport renewals and neither are the stacks of receipts to be sorted for my 2012 tax returns either. However, there are ten completed paintings in my 2013 folder with six still to release. Three paintings have sold already this year and there are enough supplies in the studio to keep going for another few months.

But darn! Every time I think about those pesky administrative tasks, well I just squeeze more paint onto the palette, put another canvas on the easel and turn my back on it for another day. So this week I have made myself a promise. I either do passport applications, sort receipts for the bookkeeper or paint the edges on my big paintings. It is a toss-up which of these three tasks I dislike the most. The outcome is sure to be the ideal result because completing any three of these tasks this week will be a win.

Now, how might I set up the last of my large 60 x 36 inch canvases to do that fir tree painting I have been thinking about? Oh! Yeah. Hum. Must wait until edges, passport and tax files are completed….

The artist’s  slumps a few inches closer to the studio floor her face longer than the gray winter day outside the window.  Then, squaring her shoulders, she begins cleaning the studio. It is Sunday after all. No one does paper work or painting of edges on Sunday. Do they?

What is your least favourite “must do” task and how do you get it done?

And an ever so slightly more cheerful note, here is one of the newest paintings that is yet to be released.

At Dusk 10 x 12 oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_02_03 019

AT DUSK 10 x 12 inch oil on canvas will be released over at Terrill Welch Artist later this week along with at least a couple more that are also in the completed folder. All paintings that are currently available can be viewed in the Artsy Home online gallery HERE.

© 2013 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to

10 thoughts on “Artist Studio in real time

  1. A real intersting and frustrating situation you have here. One that does not escape me as well. As an artist all I want to do is create. I find updating my website with new work (I always wait too long and have numerous pieces to upload , name and summarize) to be something I’d like to avoid. Good luck wth taxes … that’s important. BUT NOT AS IMPORTANT AS A PASSPORT AND GETTING OUT OF TOWN 🙂

    • Yes that passport is definitely important Walter 🙂 I have less trouble updating the website as I have made it simple with the purchasing all in one online gallery for paintings and another for the photographs. Seems to be working so far. Still, it is a chore that must be maintained like sweeping floors and scrubbing down bathrooms 😉

  2. Well shiver me timbers, girl — you’re a creative machine! And everything that rolls out of your heart and mind, down through your hands, is absolutely beautiful!

    What is your least favorite “must do” task and how do you get it done?

    I don’t like “pitching” projects to agents and editors. Can I do it, and do it well? Yes. Do I like it? Not one bit.

    • This surprises me a little Laurie as I might have guessed you would have done this with ease. Of course, there is no question you are good it it but not liking it. Hum. Neither would I though. My reason is rather odd I think. I am good at getting the projects but then I am tied to doing the work I have pitched to the client/buyer. How I do my painting and photography is totally a reverse process. I do the work then I market it and get it out the door. Once the deal is made, other than shipping, the project is done! So the project is close to complete at the point of pitching it. The only art process that isn’t like this is photography assignments and commissioned paintings which I can and sometimes do do but mostly I am free to indulge my own creative process.

  3. Don’t even start, the whole rest of my life is, I will do that later. Yet if it is art, photographing, or exhibition, I knock myself out to get there, it is was gets me going.

    Of course I have you and Laurie as an example of organization, getting things done, as well as living your lives to the fullest.

    • Jeff I have been noticing you doing some amazing things in the area of showing your work and getting out to exhibits. Sometimes when one area of our life takes off then others decide to pull up their socks and get with the program as well. I believe there is something to be said for focusing on what is working. You seem to be doing a good job of this and I know Laurie is wearing a smile as big as mine when thinking about your success at getting your work out there. Keep going Jeff. It looks good on you!

  4. Least favourite…well, this is why I hired my personnel assistant.
    But seriously… To answer…any thing domestic.
    I pointed this out to my aunt. Her reply, “Appreciate that you can still do it yourself.”
    I do find that facing an unpleasant task with a sense of gratitude helpful.

    • Not being able to do these pesky tasks ourself would indeed be worse Leanne. Your aunt is right. I had surgery a few years back and couldn’t do my house work for six weeks. It seems it is much harder to look at when a person isn’t allowed to do anything about it. Hiring help only seemed to make a minimal of difference to this feeling. So sense of gratitude here I come. Nice one Leanne! A special thank you going out to your aunt.

  5. “At Dusk” is another atmospheric treasure Terrill, and well-worth the nagging administrative tasks that may cause delay and other havoc. But I can well understand how the utensils and the preparation could cause more than a little annoyance. I have little patience for that. Ha!

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