Early Autumn Misty Morning Blessings

When September begins to draw to a close, early morning arrives much later for a photographer. It is almost a sensible hour to be out catching the first light of the day.

Sunflower maidens milk the scant light as they swing their heavy heads through the mist towards the drifting dawn. These beauties are both received and given as blessing one.

sunflowers in morning fog by Terrill Welch 2013_09_23 012

Detailed view and purchase of quality prints available HERE.

I am counting my blessings both received and given on this Monday morning and for every Monday following until the end of the 2013. This proposed practice has come about because of an invitation from Kathy Drue in her Lake Superior Spirit Blog post “Count our Blessings” blogging practiceEven though life can be contrary at times there is no particular reason for accepting her invitation other than, well, there are so many everyday ordinary blessing that I feel compelled to notice. Such as these sunflowers in the fog above.

The day’s colour is caught on the ridge and chases the mist across the field in a sparkling two-step. Autumn is almost upon us. She is not in her grandest finery yet. But her undergarments hold out a promise as we caress the landscape – seeking and hoping. Softly, her golden jewels remain slightly hidden from our wanting eyes. Her beauty is profound, hushing our pleas before we dare to speak. I bring her to you as my blessing two.

early autumn morning in the field by Terrill Welch 2013_09_23 051

Detailed view and purchase of quality prints available HERE.

The poplar trees stretch as if they have an invisible string attached to their bushy early autumn crowns with the other end anchored in the heavens. It is too early for leaf-kicking and too late for a swim. But the trees give it no mind as they shine and shine through the morning mist. I bring these trees as my final blessing in threes.

tall trees early autumn by Terrill Welch 2013_09_23 065

Detailed view and purchase of quality prints available HERE.

These photographs were taken on September 23, 2013 at Sturgeon Point Farm, Vanderhoof British Columbia and the home of my parents. I am back on Mayne Island now and up late or maybe possibly it is now considered early 🙂 In any case, I shall release this post immediately and then be off to catch a few winks.

What Monday morning blessing are you feeling compelled to notice?

© 2013 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com

13 thoughts on “Early Autumn Misty Morning Blessings

  1. Oh, Terrill, this is gorgeous. Truly! My eyes are barely opened–just crawled out of bed–and the first thing I see are these wonderful sunflowers. The print is amazing. I stared at it for a moment unable to determine if it was a photo or painting. So glad you’re counting blessings, too. Have a wonderful day. (I think my day to count blessings will be Mondays or Tuesdays.)

  2. Terrill – With eyes closed, if I’d simply heard the descriptive word picture you painted — I would have “seen” these photographs in my mind’s eye. Girl, you definitely have a wonderful way with words!

    • Thank you Laurie though I think it might just be the power of experiencing these moment that render the accompanying words rather then any definitive skill on my part.I am so pleased that a master of words such as yourself enjoyed this offering regardless 🙂

  3. The poplar trees caught me eye this morning via a facebook post! I had to go search for your blog for some reason they are not showing up in email, or I deleted by accident.

    I have not seen Kathy Dure’s “Count our blessings” call but I will certainly check out !

    Just to be able to go out into that space to witness that beauty of nature is a blessing in itself. To be able to photograph the surroundings so beautifully is a gift worth experiencing and sharing.

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