Without a moment to spare and arbutus trees on the ridge

I tell you, sometimes blessings require running shoes and a sweater as one tries to keep up and keep warm to their cool wisps as they streak across the surface of our everyday life. This week shall be met with abandon and somewhat reckless pleasure between the art studio and grandmother duties. Without a doubt, it will be a “yeeeeehaaaaawwww!” kind of week with Thursday being filled with crazy creatures wandering in the night asking for treats.

Of course, the light and shadows will still move unruffled by my daily activities. This 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas landscape which appeared in the studio under my brushes over the weekend reminds me of this.


Arbutus on Mt. Park  12 x 16 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_10_26 059

The painting will likely be released sometime next week when I get a moment to put it up. But it is done and I am happy with it as it makes a wonderful grounding reference point for the week ahead. Many Monday blessing to you!

What will be your grounding reference point this week?

P.S. I am keeping a secret that I am just  barely able to keep from telling you! Stay tuned because soon we are in for a real treat and addition to sharing my paintings and photographs.

Also, a notice is up on my website about the online and physical November 9th and 10th Open Studio event ANYTHING BUT NEUTRAL. Do drop by for more information.

© 2013 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com

14 thoughts on “Without a moment to spare and arbutus trees on the ridge

    • Sandi that is exactly what it was like that day. The fog was just lifting after days of blocking out our sun. though the ridge was clear there were still patches of mist in the valleys below and on the sea. It was magical.

  1. Terrill – I can faintly hear SALSA music in the background as the trees raise their arms in time with the stirring beat and undulate to the lively music! What triggered this energy? Most likely your generous dashes of chili pepper red!

    You asked, “What will be your grounding reference point this week?”

    A short written work I put the finishing touches on that will stand as reminder, “You can do it!”

  2. Beautiful, austere painting Terrill. A sense of “grounding?” Yes indeed. I will be at the front porch on Halloween evening (Thursday) handing out candy to the trick or treaters. Ha!

  3. That is a spirited Madrona – I have been raking lots of those leafs – leavings!

    I am going to Liangong class on Thursday night and ZIP and Tom will be opening the door for our arrivals. There were amazing and creative costumes at the Farmers Market this weekend and stunning pie pumpkins. The apples were amazing in their lug boxes and huge bins…There is a new organic variety called Salish Rose this year – huge and ever so tasty crisp. Makes me think of you and the Salish Sea

    I am actually on my knees in the dirt very grounded right now, preparing the garden for winter. Our “new baby” gift to our neighbors was to prepare their hedge of blueberry bushes as they have never owned a house and a yard before – baby #2 due on US Thanksgiving and lovely #1 loves her blueberries 🙂

    You always share such lovely images and what your mind translates to your hand and brush – lucky us.

    • These apples sound delicious. We have a large heritage King apple that grows here. I don’t think anyone plants them anymore because the trees grow really tall but the apples are so tasty. What a nice gift Patricia and do enjoy!

  4. My husband just wandered by while I was reading and admired your painting. I had to explain to him who you are. Grounding reference point? Have simply felt very grounded by awareness itself during the past week or so. It feels so good.

    • If it is anything like trying to explain to my husband about that good friend I have over on Lake Superior who lives on the United States side of the border and who I have never REALLY met, good luck Kathy 😉 It does feel good to be grounded. I am in need of a long walk in this afternoon’s sun and need to remind myself that the time has changed so it is going to get dark much earlier. All the best of the week ahead to you Kathy. You must be expecting snow soon I would think.

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