Nuzzling into Seasonal Art Studio Quiet Time

November and December and even sometimes the first two weeks of January are my quiet time of year in my art studio. Part of this is that after the Open Studio event I kind of turn off my marketing and sales efforts. Yes there is still the new 2014 Calendar available (click on the image to check it out further)

and new photographs and paintings continue to be released. But it is more a time of enjoying friends and family. It is a time of gathering and having a good visit. I love this time of year. These are Monday morning blessing in the largest grandest sense.

It is also a time of year when I reflect on what has worked and not worked and plan for the year ahead. These include my donations of both work and money because this is how the energy of receiving and giving is revitalized – at least for me. This weekend I received two requests I am happy to consider. One is for a commissioned work for auction to a wood recycling association and the other is for a donation to a private school fundraising auction. These are the touch-stones of balance in a material world that has gone somewhat mad in its need for acquisition of property – original art included. As much as I live a life of simple abundance, just by the sheer reality of being a painter and photographer, I create stuff that is purchased and contributes to this global material addition plaguing the current human condition. My only defense seems to be to ensure that the work is expensive enough that it will be well-cared-for once purchased. Odd isn’t it? But it is the only a few strategies I have come up with so far. Another is to donate my time, work and sometimes cash to others that are seeking and need support. Sometimes, I find this tension between materialism and simple abundance excruciating, particularly if there is a run of sales on my paintings where they are selling as fast as I can paint them. I think – oh know! Now what!? So, these quieter times in November and December of sales and my ongoing practice of giving provide a balance and resilience to this inner panic.  These are my acknowledgements when considering my blessings this Monday morning.

In other studio news, part 2 and the core of the interview that writer and author Charles van Heck did with me and is published today in Life as Human online magazine. The painting featured in the first part of the article is a newer painting:

ARBUTUS ON MT. PARK 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas

Arbutus on Mt. Park  12 x 16 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_10_26 059

(click on the image for more information)

There is also a new smaller painting that I did last week while the studio assistant was painting edges and putting work into the inventory program. I am waiting for it to dry in order to get a proper photograph but here is a sneak-peek and I will let you know when it is released over at Terrill Welch Artist (where there is currently a new post about another painting I released last week).

ARBUTUS BY THE TRAIL 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas

Arbutus by the Trail 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_11_16 007

The Art of Terrill Welch facebook Page continues to grow and is now has over 200 “likes” as you can see there on your right. The Art Review comments by writers that are posted every Wednesday seems to be going well. This week is a review of the painting EARLY NOVEMBER SEA by Sandi White. I know she would be most delighted if you had a moment to drop in and leave a few words.

As you can see, though the surface of my studio life seems quiet and it feels this way to me as well, there is an undercurrent of activity that somehow is happening with little energy or attention on my part. I am in a time of dormancy and rest but the roots of my work are still being well nourished. Thank you universe for these ongoing blessing during a time in the world that seems to be in warp-speed chaos.


What is nourishing your roots this time of year?


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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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18 thoughts on “Nuzzling into Seasonal Art Studio Quiet Time

  1. I like your idea of higher prices as a strategy against materialistic pollution… very much. I think I’ll adopt it myself (I was moving into that direction anyway).

    I also like it that you switch off your sales & marketing efforts just as many others up them for the holiday season (I am highly suspicious of the idea of paintings-as-gifts, unless someone knows someone else’s tastes and desires REALLY well).

    As for the time of year — seasonal changes aren’t felt that strongly here in Bay Area, but I still have (a kind) of reckoning time by the end of calendar year. The website update was part of it…

    • Your website updates at Lena Levin’s painting are impressive and add a fresh touch to your inspiring work Lena.

      Dear readers, I encourage you to drop by and have good browse. Lena has embarked on a daunting task to translate each of 154 Shakespeare’s sonnets into a painting. At this point there 52 paintings completed. If you go to each grouping then hover over a painting of interest the sonnet number and title of the painting will appear. Click on the work and it will open up and give you a larger view plus the sonnet. Sam, Patricia and Maureen I am particularly thinking of you but I know others like Laurie and Sandi and Barbara will enjoy these works as well. Enjoy 🙂

      I can see you easily going in this direction of higher prices for the same reason Lena. Switching off sales and marketing efforts seems the only reasonable approach to November and December. Part of this is I quickly and easily get irritated with the barrage of Christmas grabbing for my wallet contents. If I make this switch then I get to enjoy my friends and family and acquaintances with pure delight. It works! I promise.

      I remember you year-end reckoning from past years when you have shared them on your primary online home at Google Plus. Congratulations on such a strong start to the years review process with the website updates.

  2. Congratulations, Terrill. May this deserved energy and growth continue.
    What nutures me?
    Peace. Time to meditate. Time to exercise. The work and thoughts of others. And the joy I find in loved ones.
    It is a very special time of year.

  3. Terrill, you should be commended for turning off the sales and marketing efforts for the holidays, though I am sure the interest in your work will be as enthusiastic as ever. Certainly it makes sense to assume that art fans will be stepping up their efforts at acquisition at this time. Some lovely work is on display here on this post. Great news too that ‘The Art of Terrill Welch’ facebook page continues to grow!

    What’s always ‘nourishing’ at this time of the year is that the arts always offer up their A game!

    • I suppose this is true Sam – a viewers delight for sure. I had so much fun yesterday as we stopped to have tea at the local bakery and sat visiting with friends while they had their lunch. This kind of relaxing time is so very good for the soul. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to be doing anything else. All was in order and just as it should be. And truth be told I really do not sell much work during November and December but in January and February when other businesses are suffering from what is a spending hangover, I seem to do okay. The only think I can think of is I have such conscientious collectors that they wait until then to make their purchase. Whatever it is I am not complaining just noting the pattern.

  4. Terrill – I’m at Starbuck’s this morning because we’ve been out of power since the storm on Sunday. Commonwealth Edison predicts that it should be restored in our neighborhood about 3pm this afternoon. That’s why I’m tardy 🙂

    As a minimalist I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the contribution of material items. When I consider any purchase I ask myself: Is it practical? Is it functional? Does it enhance beauty in my life?

    As you know, I’ve enjoyed your work for years. It is a large provider of beauty in my life.

    • Geesh! I hope you get your power as anticipated this afternoon. I know exactly what power outage are like and they start to wear thin after the third day. I am glad that my work touches one of your consideration for material goods Laurie. It is nice when something can touch all three. Our home is like that – practical, functional beautiful and has the addition of having a minimalist environmental sensitivity. Someday you and Len will just have to come and visit to get the full experience.

  5. I like the idea of nuzzling. That is a good way to put it. Did you know that out of all the bloggers/on-line people I’ve met, I can actually picture meeting you and seeing Mayne Island one of these days. Wonder why this is so?

    • That is interesting Kathy considering your large network of bloggers. I am hoping it is because you already feel like you visit regularly so the physical visit, other than the actual traveling, wouldn’t seem like such a big step.

  6. Your paintings always, always nourish me – I too am planning for 2014 – Just finished a new marketing course this morning towards offering services rather than products.

    I believe this approach might assist me in getting the word out and getting more leads and contacts.

    Thank you for your beautiful sharing – always

    • On thing about learning marketing Patricia is that when you put it into practice it usually does more good than harm. This is partly because the courses teach you to learn about your audience and ideal client. When we have a good understanding of this we have better chance of being in harmony with our communication. For instance my readers, fans and collectors are people I enjoy and I am delighted to connect with inside and outside of my work as an artist. This is partly because I did a lot of work decide and figure out who my ideal client was and to write and promote for them. This doesn’t extend to my painting though – I paint for me. I have the luxury and the personal focus to be able to keep these two things separate. Sometimes the separation is a little daunting but mostly not so much.

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