Is it Venezia or Venice to you?

We traveled by train from Basel Switzerland through Austria and down the northeast part of Italy to Venezia or Venice. Being an English speaking Canadian I think of Venice rather than Venezia but the later sounds so pretty it seems a shame not to use it. I do have a blog post in the wings for Basel Switzerland. However, we are taking a short introductory walk around the Cannaregio area of Venice late this morning so I thought I would take you with us.

We are staying on quiet calla Gallion not far from the first bridge near the train station. In retracing our steps back towards the station, there is a chance for us to take in that postcard view of Canal Grande from Porte degli Scalzi.

Canal Grande from Porte degli Scalzi Venezia Italy by Terrill Welch 2014_04_14 026

Stepping down off the bridge we will turn away from the train station and take the Rio Tera Lista Di Spagna and have a look along the Canal Cannaregio.

Canal Cannaregio Venezia Italy by Terrill Welch 2014_04_14 028

Yes, this part is still fairly busy but it quickly becomes quiet as we wander into the Cannaregio area. I lose interest in canals for more mundane observations. I love laundry hanging on lines. Laundry in canals.

Cannaregio Venezia Italy by Terrill Welch 2014_04_14 046

Laundry with a view.

Secchiere Venezia Italy by Terrill Welch 2014_04_14 061

Laundry with a colour theme.

Shades of red Venice Italy by Terrill Welch 2014_04_14 088

Well, that is about it. The sun is too high for good viewing and it is time to return to our rooftop apartment for a wee snack and a nap.


Oh! Is it Venezia or Venice to you?


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11 thoughts on “Is it Venezia or Venice to you?

  1. How delightful to find someone else who loves to take laundry photos! And what a truly great place to do it. Another wonderful theme in Venice is “bridges.” Not for everyone… but I really like taking photos of great bridges… and Venice has several great bridges. I love following along with you.

  2. Definitely Venezia for me! Love your pics so far, makes me want to go back so badly. If you happen upon the restaurant Fiaschetteria Toscana near the fish market do go in and eat some pasta with squid ink, one of Venezia’s best! And avoid those places with a menu turistico, aweful! Ciao!

  3. Either one would do for me. Lovely to follow along on your journeys . . . BUT I have yet to see photos with you guys in them! Maybe just one, perhaps eating a local treat I can enjoy vicariously?

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