Painting and then Selling Paintings are Done on a Different Breath

Working as an independent artist responsible for not only creating the work but also for getting it out there is the world is best understood using the analogy of breathing. The process of gathering information and executing a painting on a canvas is done on the in breath. The process of marketing and selling the painting is done on the out breath. As long as the painter remembers that it is not possible to breathe in and out at exactly the same time then the combine processes work rather well and the artist has a healthy sustainable life as a full-time artist. This is my theory anyway. So far so good.

And though I have completed a couple of plein air sketches

“As Sea to Shore” 11 x 14 inch plein air acrylic sketch on gessobord

As Sea to Shore 11 x 14 inch plein air acrylic sketch by Terrill Welch 2015_09_05 105


“Salish Sea late August morning” 11 x 14 inch acrylic plein air sketch on gessobord

Salish Sea late August morning 11 x 14 inch acrylic plein air sketch on gessobord by Terrill Welch 2015_08_20 092

and one painting,

Salish Sea No Separation 18 x 24 inch walnut oil on canvas (will be released soon) Update: This painting sold to a private collector in Michigan on October 19, 2015 before it could be formally released.

Salish Sea No Separation 18 x 24 inch walnut oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2015_08_23 096

the majority of my effort has been on the “out breath” of selling paintings.

This wasn’t such a purposeful act of short breaths in and long breathes out but it is what has happened. So much so that seven paintings have been sold in seven short weeks. Here is one of these paintings Trail Along the Ridge a 30 x 40 inch oil on canvas, in its new home.

Trail Along The Ridge 30 x 24 inch oil on canvas in its new home IMG_4448

All seven paintings that have left the studio recently can be viewed HERE on the Terrill Welch Artist website.

Now, I expect to get back to some more moderate breath patterns with a rather relaxed even-pace between the in breath and the out breath of breathing, painting and selling as an independent artist. Life is good and the cupboards are full for the winter ahead!


What is the current breathing pattern of your creative breath?


© 2015 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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5 thoughts on “Painting and then Selling Paintings are Done on a Different Breath

  1. I agree with you, Terrill. And you can’t continue to pump water without making sure the stream is still running. Feeding your imagination is as important (maybe more important) than the end product.

    Congratulations, your painting looks beautiful in its new home.

    • Thank you Leanne. Fortunately, I seem to have a personal artisan strength stream of imaginations – lots to use and plenty left over to share with others. Choosing which buckets to fill and then where to store this abundance is more of a challenge because once the water is taken from the stream something must be done with it. Otherwise we are left standing in a big fat puddle with no room to refill our buckets or in my case no room in the studio left to paint. All th best of today to you Leanne and happy puddle making 😉

  2. Terrill — Your IN breath, OUT breath analogy is excellent!

    You asked, “What is the current breathing pattern of your creative breath?”

    I’m currently in the HOLDING MY BREATH mode as the publisher and copyeditor for my book are mystically and magically “doing their thing…”

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