Temporary Custodian – Painter

As I break through the constraints of winter into longer days with budding plum blossoms,

cracking open with the magnolia blooms,

I am reminded of a subtext,

an endless reaching for a finish which, whenever it comes, will of course be too soon.

“Searching for Colour Active Pass” 8 x 10 inch plein air acrylic on gessobord

I am but a temporary custodian of these renderings we call paintings.

“Early Spring Dinner Bay” 8 x 10 inch plein air acrylic sketch

Letting go….

a bow of gratitude for the lessons learned in their creations.


What lessons are you learning as a temporary custodian?


© 2017 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com

10 thoughts on “Temporary Custodian – Painter

  1. That the world is ever evolving and changing in front of our eyes each moment not only each day. Letting go is the best was to be present for it.
    As I walk and take photographs there are times I hear myself say, “everything is the same as yesterday” yet it is not.

    Beautiful paintings and photos!

    • Jeff we have rain again this morning with heavy mist drifting in the valley. When you right about how everything feels the same – yet it is not, it describes this morning perfectly. We are having a long coolish very wet spring with mostly overcast days. Our winters are most often like this but spring is usually pretty nice. Well, not this year. I am still holding out for a nice day on Thirsday when I am teaching the painting class. Finger’s crossed!

  2. Your text is so poetic, and so are your paintings. I love the thought of being a temporary custodian for the art, the paintings, the poems, the ideas and expressions that come our way, passing through us. Much to ponder there. As to your questions, what am I learning as a custodian of my art, writing, love, passion. It’s to not hesitate to share with others what delights and inspires me. That’s how it passes through us, and through others. That’s why I think I love blogging so much, to be able to pass on what I love and to gather from others what they love and have passed on to me. Your site is one of my favorites to visit and be inspired.

    • Thank you Deborah and as I was browsing through your chosen images of Joaquin Sorolla paintings this morning that you shared in your latest posts, I was thinking the very same thing about your blog. There is something about digging down deep through the surface of things that is extra pleasing and you tend to do this with great regularity.

    • Had to squint just so to find that colour Laurie in such a grey day. But if one looks long enough and relaxes their expectation,the muted colours start popping to the surface. Glad we could hook you today and good luck with your author talk this evening!

    • You are most welcome Leanne. Patience is such an interesting concept because there comes a time when one must sidestep or even talk a different path to moved in the desired direction. But the when of it all is such a great mystery. Or are we best to stay the course we have already mapped out? I am always testing and assessing to see which way will work best to fulfill my intention. Where is that crystal ball when you need one! 😉

  3. Love the colors because it is raining – tho sunshine predicted for tomorrow. I am a temporary custodian for the next 10 days of a yard with no fence. The workers are here everyday and soon a new fence will surround us and secure our dog. Zip is beside himself as the neighborhood dogs run through our yard, deposit and bark at him barking through the window. The fence is or privacy in our house of windows all around. Determined to keep me safe, and to get rid of the interruptions and other dogs…he has finally exhausted his barking and position of work. This is going to be a long about 10 days and I feel I must distract, entertain, walk, and crate him to preserve sanity until the job is completed. I do not want Zip to get mean or violent over this experience Nice to have some lovely art to wander through on line 🙂

    • Both you and Zip are going to be so excited to see that fence finished Patricia that you will be jogging laps around the inner perimeter together! I hope you both escape for parts of the day to a neighbouring part or something. We did get sun here today and I was able to teach the painting class in the Japanese garden. But I also caught me a spring cold a couple of days ago so not feeling so hot tonight. It will be lights out before 9:30 pm I am afraid. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

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