Mortally Wounded

Two days after Halloween, reporting from an unnamed city, I bring you a story about a mortally wounded SWAT Team member.

Looking very dead, this SWAT Team member is down.

The night started when the police officer turn ghostly white.

Fake skin was then attached and makeup applied to create and color the wound.

Lastly the blood is applied while the officer lies on the floor.

From there, things went from bad to worse when part way through the evening he ran into his comrades – not even bullet holes and the steady rain stopped them performing their duties.

However, no one saw the robber. She got away due to her uncanny ability for camouflage.

The names of all police officers and the robber will remain anonymous to protect their identity. Yes at Halloween, even robbers are given special treatment.

Halloween is a creative feast. People who may not do any other painting, drawing, sculpturing or designing are willing to tap into their creative well and come up with a costume.


Sprout question: What is your favourite costume ever?


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