Mortally Wounded

Two days after Halloween, reporting from an unnamed city, I bring you a story about a mortally wounded SWAT Team member.

Looking very dead, this SWAT Team member is down.

The night started when the police officer turn ghostly white.

Fake skin was then attached and makeup applied to create and color the wound.

Lastly the blood is applied while the officer lies on the floor.

From there, things went from bad to worse when part way through the evening he ran into his comrades – not even bullet holes and the steady rain stopped them performing their duties.

However, no one saw the robber. She got away due to her uncanny ability for camouflage.

The names of all police officers and the robber will remain anonymous to protect their identity. Yes at Halloween, even robbers are given special treatment.

Halloween is a creative feast. People who may not do any other painting, drawing, sculpturing or designing are willing to tap into their creative well and come up with a costume.


Sprout question: What is your favourite costume ever?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


18 thoughts on “Mortally Wounded

  1. Oh my gosh, Terrill, what a great post! The makeup artist should be doing it professionally for stage, television, and the movies — absolutely FANTASTIC!

    Sprout question: What is your favorite costume ever?

    Len and I went to a party as a “bruise” one time: He was painted and wore black, I was painted and wore blue. We stayed attached at the elbow/hip.

    The best costume we ever saw was at the same party. A young man came with those single-serving cereal boxes attached all over his clothing. Each box had a knife sticking out with fake blood. What was he? A serial killer.

    • I think the makeup artist will be pleased with your feedback Laurie and thanks for your serial killer costume idea for next year. Did people guess that you and Len were a bruise? That was one thing I heard when the kids were walking around tricker treating… “I need to wear my mask even if it is hard to see because otherwise no one knows who I am.” Face paint is so much better for visibility crossing street and such.

      • Terrill – The UPS man just delivered my MAYNE ISLAND TREE SPIRITS 2011 Calendar and it’s BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING! I absolutely love it! It’s even more GORGEOUS in person. And they did a phenomenal job of packing it. It arrived in perfect condition. I’m so glad I purchased one.

        And I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE anyone else who wants framable art from Terrill Welch’s to look at the calendars she’s made available for 2011. As a lover of trees, this was my choice. She has other beauties to select from as well.

        To answer your question (Did people guess that you and Len were a bruise?) — we had to say, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘black and blue’?” Then people would go, “Oh of course, you’re a bruise!”

        • Wow! That was fast Laurie. Takes me much longer to get things here in Canada as the producers are in the US. I am so glad you are happy with the calendar. I haven’t framed any of these calendar images but I am sure it would work. I am going to use the two I have left from last year for collage work.

          Now for other readers who are interested, here is the direct link to my calendar page on redbubble There are three different choices to choose from though the Mayne Island Tree Spirits has been the most popular.

          Laurie I like that people had to ask what you were… a walking talking riddle.

    • Jeff I am going to take that you have no favorite costumes to me that you have many that you like and find it hard to choose:) The materials that there are to work with these days to do make up are incredible. This artist didn’t even have what was the ideal means to make the bullet hole and “made do” with fake skin. So there you go.

  2. When I was 10 my brother made me a giant black hat. It went down to my knees and he cut a hole in it for my eyes and glasses to see from and painted the words “Mad Hatter” by the view window…I could not sit down the whole evening but I will never forget it…that my much older brother actually took the time to make something I wanted to be rather than my wearing my sister’s hand me down that my mum had sewn two years before and re made ( I was tall my older sister petite)

    Loved this story telling and great make up – WOW

    My oldest daughter always had great requests and my artist husband could comply…such as making her a bi-plane with a bomber hat and scarf around her neck…it was about a 4 foot wing span….then next year she was a garden with a mailbox on the fence. Oh how she loved dressing up…at 31 – now not so much 🙂

    • I love story telling too Patricia and you have some great stories here! I think the story telling part of living close to my rural family is what I miss the most about being far away. I am sure there must be an aspect of strengthening our memory and sense of self that comes from story telling and having others tell stories about us…. an aspect of our identity. I miss that kind of affirmation which comes from a long history of regular bumping into people who care about you. Your story telling Patricia reminds of those times.

    • Welcome Creative Potager MovieMan0283. You must have found your way over here from Wonders in the Dark. Yes? The specific identity of this officer remains a mystery even though the local police gave him sticker for his left shoulder, it doesn’t reveal his connections:) I am sure you can appreciate the secrecy of it all:) Thanks so much for dropping in.

      Dear readers, MovieMan0283 is well known and revered in Movie Blog circles so if you love movies, I suggest you check out his The Dancing Image blog.

      • You’re too kind, Terrill! I’ve been over before, when Sam linked up to you in the blogger tribute (not sure if I left any comments but I was very impressed with a particular set of photos – brick buildings that are partially destroyed). But it’s been a while – lately I’ve gotten ahead of the game with my own blogging and can take more of a breather to visit others and see what I’ve missed. Great stuff here, as always.

        btw, one of your paintings is now an image on the Wonders sidebar (as part of the link to Sam’s blogger tributes…)

        • Actually, come to think of it you may have left a comment then MovieMan0283. I know for sure you commented on the tribute at Wonders in the Dark. Whichever way it is wonderful to have you here. And I didn’t notice that “Only the Sea” is the image on sidebar for Sam’s blogger tributes. This little painting is now in its new home in New York City. Thank you for bringing the image to our attention.

  3. Gross (Awesome). I almost puked. The photo with the Police Officers is such an awesome touch. Did the robber seriously kill the cop (ie. create that amazing makeup?) Wow. I am astonished.

  4. Fantastic post Terrill! I’m sorry I got to it late, but I assure you that despite recent ailments I did enjoy Halloween Day, and as always smiled from ear to ear looking at my kids all dressed up. The front door was a busy place to as trick or treaters made their rounds to the tune of an almost complete candy wipe out. I love the spirit of your phots here, and have always loved the ‘Scream’ costume best of all. (the one with the skeletal ghost figure with the fake blood) Great to see Movie Man aboard here, and “Only the Sea” is truthfully the most beautiful picture on our entire sidebar, bar nothing else!

    • Sam I don’t think I have seen the ‘Scream’ costume you mention. I will have to keep a look out for it next year. Yes, Movie Man has dropped buy and as you know he is a welcomed visitor no matter where he goes. So glad you are enjoying the photograph of “Only the Sea.” The original is over in your area, having arrived at its new owner’s home in New York City a few weeks ago.

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