Afternoon Delight painting

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In keeping with Creative Everyday’s 2010 challenge theme for January of “body,” I have chosen to revisit this 1993 water-colour painting Afternoon Delight.

The image of the original water-colour painting  is now rendered in oils for printed on canvas. The original painting has had three standing offers on it for years but I have been unwilling to part with it. Now I can offer a print of the image that I am sure will please those desiring to purchase the original… not the same but close.

My first paintings were in oils. I switched to water colours when my children were small because the medium was less toxic and had a faster drying time. I am thinking of going back to using oils or maybe one of the newer acrylic brands. Revisiting this image and using new technologies has again inspired me to venture into other painting mediums.

Sprout Question: Of your creative work, what can you revisit to inspire your current creativity?

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