Afternoon Delight painting

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In keeping with Creative Everyday’s 2010 challenge theme for January of “body,” I have chosen to revisit this 1993 water-colour painting Afternoon Delight.

The image of the original water-colour painting  is now rendered in oils for printed on canvas. The original painting has had three standing offers on it for years but I have been unwilling to part with it. Now I can offer a print of the image that I am sure will please those desiring to purchase the original… not the same but close.

My first paintings were in oils. I switched to water colours when my children were small because the medium was less toxic and had a faster drying time. I am thinking of going back to using oils or maybe one of the newer acrylic brands. Revisiting this image and using new technologies has again inspired me to venture into other painting mediums.

Sprout Question: Of your creative work, what can you revisit to inspire your current creativity?

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8 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight painting

  1. I think this comment is appropriate to post here.
    I do not refer to my previous work to inspire creativity. I don’t think i have ever felt inspired really. Until just recently, when i started posting a drawing a day (#draw365) I did not even look at my drawings once they were finished.

    • I think your comment is very appropriate here Jerry and will likely resonate with many readers.

      I have an additional question just for you –

      Your work is full of energy and lines that capture and move me when I look at the images. Can you tell me more about your creative process if you feel it is not inspired?

      (of course this question is open to anyone who also feels they create without feeling inspired.)

      Thank you for coming by Jerry and sharing your thoughts. Most appreciated.

    • Ah, you must be another person like me that when you are painting or writing, the physical world around you disappears until you take your head up from your work. One time when the kids were young (7 and 10) I was writing and when I looked up from my work there was no one in the house. I went outside and called – no one. I started going from one to another of their close haunts like a panicked tracking dog trying to find a scent. I eventually found them in the neighbourhood park on the swings.

      Trying to remain calm, (not that I was. I am sure they could see the whites of my eyes all the way around) I said, “you know you need to ask before going out so I know where you are.”

      They both looked at me puzzled and my son, the older of the two, replied “we did mom…. you said yes.”

      I knew in an instance that he was right but I didn’t remember. After that, even if I said “yes,” they had to write it on a note and leave the note on the table if they going to the park and I was working.

  2. regarding inspiration:
    I like the definition of inspiration that is: the process drawing in of breath (not breathing which is automatic and essential ) my process is simply that i make marks and i enjoy it very much and some of those marks are beautiful.
    The process of making marks is just that a process like any other.
    When i hear descriptions of creative inspiration it seem more akin to being in love. i have been in love and it seems bigger than what i do.

    • Jerry, thank you for taking the time to expand on your answer to the original sprout question and my secondary question. This is very helpful and provides depth and clarity to my understanding of your creative process.

      “The process drawing in of breath (not breathing which is automatic and essential)”

      This resonates with me as well.

      I’ve never thought about creative inspiration in relation to being in love… your description of your process in that context reminds me of the daily act of loving – not always over the moon but with its moments of brilliance.

      Thank you again for joining me here on Creative Potager to explore, share, learn and be – (dare I say it?) inspired.

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