Guess who I met on the road?

If your read Monday’s post “Story of the Henderson Hill Original Oil Painting,” you may remember that we had to go into Victoria for dentists appointment and to pick up my dear 20-year-old blue Ford F150 4X4 pick up – Miss Prissy. I am happy to report that she will likely be of reliable service for a few more years yet.

While we were at the dentist, we had a guest come to see us. Can you guess who? Does this help?

He traveled by grey hound and city bus for over an hour just to say hello. Coen was a bit of a weary traveler and took to a nap after visiting and taking yet another city bus ride when we were through at the dentists.

Of course he wasn’t traveling alone.

In fact he doesn’t go very far from his mom at anytime yet. Who can complain about seeing the dentist with visitors like this? Not me, that is for sure. By the way, these three photographs were taken with a little android phone because that was all we had.

On another note, I didn’t get anymore painting done yet this week but I do have a photograph you may want to see.

(this image may be purchased here

The photograph Underneath is akin to sitting under a table as a child. It is about being in the forest looking out onto the rest of the world. I like the privacy and the unusual perspective that the image offers.

Sprout question: Tell us about a time your creativity came from underneath?

Best of the weekend to you!

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