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Today at Creative Potager we have the good fortune to view a photograph of my grandson’s munching creative project that he and his mother did this weekend.

Don’t they look delicious? Thank you Arrow and Tina for letting me share your photograph of these most tasty looking gingerbread cookies. Dear readers, I have been told they are gone – every head, belly and limb of them – devoured!

This week is going to be a bit like this as well. I have so many things to share you will find yourself munching your way through these links as if they were those gingerbread cookies.

First, there is a blog party over on Leanne Dyck’s  The Sweater Curse at Leanne is throwing a virtual bash to celebrate the e-book publication of her thriller The Sweater Curse. We are all invited. So drop on in.

Second, I am a guest blogger at Daisy Hickman’s SunnyRoomStudio. Please come by “First Light” and you shall find, among other things, a sprout question there too.

Third, I am greatly honoured to share with you a moving post by Annie Q Syed. A few months ago Annie bought my original oil painting  “Only the Sea” and it now hangs in a sun-filled apartment in New York City. To learn more go to Annie’s post The Soul of the Sea.

Fourth, Sam Juliano over at Wonders in the Dark has his list of The Ten Best Films of 2010 posted.


My intentions this week are to start work on two new oil paintings. They are a 14 X 18 inch canvas and a 12 X 12  inch gessobord with a two inch birch cradle. The look minute beside the large canvas I worked on last week.

My brushes await me.

I have moved “the big one” into the other part of the loft area where it can be seen during the day while I wait to see what next to do with it. Have a wonderful week.

Sprout question: What can you add to our creative munch list?

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Over eighteen thousand visitors

Yes, over eighteen thousand creativity seeking visitors have been to see Creative Potager since the beginning of the 2010. To be exact, there had been 18,086 when I checked and 8:00 am PST this morning. After 141 posts and 2, 262 comments it is time to pause, celebrate and offer thanks to these regular Creative Potager supporters…

Laurie Buchanan: I don’t think Laurie has missed even one sprout question. She has faithfully come by and offered her heartfelt answer no matter what the question. Laurie has cheered, encouraged, engaged and inspired me to reach and stretched. We have been connecting online even before Creative Potager existed – in fact for years now. I consider Laurie a colleague and a friend though we have never sat across a table from each other in the same time and space. Thank you Laurie for being Creative Potager’s most regular sprout responder. You can read Laurie’s even day posts at Speaking from the Heart where there is a Colour of Wellness class under way.

Jeff Stroud: Jeff is here leaving comments and sharing almost as often as Laurie. He is a soulful and thoughtful photographer that never takes the easy road just because it is there. Jeff introduced me to the redbubble storefront through his photography a couple of years ago. Jeff has his own growth question for contemplation on each of his post at The Reluctant Bloger that will add another boost to your creativity.  He is a passionate practitioner of Julian Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

Kathy Drue: Kathy is a blogger extraordinaire with her Lake Superior Spirit blog receiving 64,311 visits since the beginning of the year. She often appears on the front page of WordPress and is interviewed from time-to-time about her blogging experience. Writing is Kathy’s passion and photography her supporting anchor. I am proud and thrilled that she finds the time and interest to drop in to Creative Potager.

Sam Juliano: Sam, like Kathy, is part of the blogosphere elite with his Monday Morning Diary posts at Wonders in the Dark sometimes receiving over 2,000 visitors in one day. Oh! Fair warning, horror films are the focus of current reviews. Remember it is make up. Each week, from almost the beginning, Sam has visited Creative Potager and reported back with a live link to his readership. Not only that, he did a full interview post Artist and Nature-Lover Terrill Welch: Mayne Island’s resident ‘Creativepotager” this past August. Sam will always be noted in Creative Potager’s hall of fame for his generosity, warmth, intellect, and inspiration for the arts and in particular film.

Jerry Shawback: A self-portrait artist, Jerry doesn’t always leave one of his reflective and thoughtful sprouts but I find him everyday in my tweet stream. He is passing along the latest post or just mentioning Creative Potager as he goes about retweeting from his outstanding list of artist and writers. Jerry is one of the reasons that about 40% of Creative Potager visitors come from Twitter. Some of these visitors leave comments but many more simply read, then tweet the link out to their tweet friends. Jerry is an important part of that exchange. Jerry is another artist and painter that I feel a deep resonance with and you can see some of his work at his profile on TheWhole9 website. His dedication is inspiring and his work shows this commitment to daily practice.

Leanne Dyck: Leanne is a fellow Mayne Islander who takes every possible opportunity to send a “shout out” on her website or on her blog Author Leanne Dyck about Creative Potager or my recent solo art exhibition. She leaves sprout comments as time permits as she is a full-time writer meeting deadlines for manuscripts and revisions with publishers. It is a joy and a pleasure to have someone who lives just down the street drop in online, connecting my virtual home with my physical home.

Kimberly Grady: Kim is a butterfly sprout responder that brings her transforming presence as she is inspired. It might be here or it might be a comment on Facebook but wherever she shows up, I am always glad to see her and enjoy her unguarded reflections. She may visit her blog Butterflies Are Blue if you leave a comment…but again, she just might drop by and comment on your blog instead. Whatever, happens I know Kim will be inspire you to be genuine, to be yourself and to be creative.

May I request dear readers is that you visit these generous and gracious  individuals and leave them a comment of thanks for helping make Creative Potager the inspiring garden of creativity that it is?

Thank you, dear friends, for hanging out with me in my creative kitchen garden.

Sprout Question: Who would be the top seven on your list of creativity supporters?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 2

There is nothing that says summer like July and August on the southwest coast Gulf Islands of British Columbia, and no summer is complete without the Mayne Island Trincomali Community Arts Council Summer Group Show. The show will open at “the library” on Friday July 9th 7-9 pm and the Mayne Island Reading Centre will be bursting with creative abundance for your viewing pleasure.

Last Saturday’s part 1 of this post gave us a glimpse of what to expect. Today’s post will provide a few more enticing examples…

First, is an intriguing image from photographer and artisan Barbara McIntyre with Nomadic Routes Inc. where she is creating healthy choices for people and planet (she has the most amazing handmade soaps).

New Zealand by Barbara McIntyre

Second, here are a few snippets of words submitted from one of her works in progress by author and artisan Leanne Dyck

“My need for the backpack was how we ended up in a sporting goods store talking to one of the cutest guys I’d ever meet in my life. Or, rather, how my Dad ended up talking to him as I tried not to drool.

‘Our little girl.’

Little girl honestly, Dad, that’s how you’re going to talk about me to the cutest guy in the whole universe. Our little girl – kill me, kill me now.

A red rash rose from my neck and spread over my entire face.”

A prolific writer, Leanne Dyck has published Novelty Yarn and Maynely a Mystery. I also know other great things are in the works such as Turning, Maynely Hidden and The Sweater Curse.  You can find out more at her website .

Third, we pause for a moment to view an image from well known (on Mayne Island anyway) fine arts and freelance photographer Toby Snelgrove

Edith Point North by Toby Snelgrove

Toby Snelgrove’s stunning collection of BC Ferry images is just completing so if you haven’t yet, please do drop by the library and take in a startling original perspective on the ships we rely on to link to the rest of the civilized world. Toby’s show is not to be missed and the photographic exhibition runs until Wednesday July 7th.

Finally, I will also be showing a series of five photographic images “Window with a View” that were featured on my post “Simplicity” back in February of this year.

window with a view by Terrill Welch

This series of five images is a lovely segue into my solo exhibit “Sea, Land and Time” that will follow the Mayne Island Summer Group Show and open on Friday, September 3rd. I will have more about that in a few weeks. In the mean time, you can browse my online storefront at and see if you can pick out some of the oil paintings and photographic canvas prints that will be included.

In addition to artists, artisans and writers mentioned in blog posts part 1 and 2 for the Mayne Island Summer Group Show, there will also be Native art by Wayne Thomas, sculpture by Cedar Christie plus Tina Farmilo, Donna Williams and Bill Maylone, along with others, will bring their vibrant creativity together for a spectacular exhibit.

The Mayne Island Summer Group Show will run from July 9, 2010 to September 1, 2010 and after the opening night can be viewed during Library hours 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

If you are thinking of coming, the Mayne Island B.C. website (which also has a link to the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce ) can help you with your planning.

Sprout Question: What is your favourite comment or review about your work?

Note: special thanks to Bill Maylone for allowing me to “borrow” parts of his text from the MayneLiner Magazine article.

And, psst! I just received the 2011 calendar for “Sea, Land and Time” and I am so happy with the images and large calendar squares – big enough to write all your important notes. And don’t be fooled when the website calendar cover says 2010 – You can set the start date for whenever you like.

westcoast winter by Terrill Welch

Cover image. View the whole calendar at All the images in the calendar are taken from Mayne Island.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 1

A bright corner of Mayne Island is going to get even brighter on July 9, 2010 to September 1, 2010 with the opening of the Mayne Island Summer Group Show with work from about a dozen participants. Do you want to come? Yes I know, for some of you it is too far away. But for others it may be down the road or just a ferry ride for a weekend get away.

Most of you know, I live on the wee Mayne Island with about a 1,000 people year round and maybe 3,000 hanging around during the summer. These 23 square kilometers in the Southern Gulf Islands off the west coast of Canada are home to a thriving art, artisan and writing community with its own arts council. The Mayne Island Trincomali Community Arts Council hosts a series of art exhibits at the Mayne Island Reading Room or “the library” throughout the year.

Whether you will be sipping wine and nibbling treats at the opening with us, between 7:00 and 9:00 pm in the heart of Miner’s Bay, on the evening of July 9th or you must suffice with my blog review, I hope you enjoy the offerings.

Here is a sneak preview…

Author and artisan Leanne Dyck has submitted a natural fiber art hand knit purse appropriately named “Summer Daze” that is begging to be slung over a shoulder and taken to a summer picnic. I laid it gently on this fir bow to photography. It appears to be right at home.

Quasimodo Pottery creates unique, extremely high quality craftsmanship and functional art in its pottery pieces. Here is a group image of pottery from their website.

The Quasimodo casserole dish was featured recently Creative Potager in the post “Quiet Grace.

Artist and message therapist Shakeira Wynde’s vibrant abstract acrylic painting will fill the exhibit all by itself with its brilliant colours. She graciously allowed me to slip by her home and take this photo for our early viewing.

My oil painting “East Point Cliff” asked me to put her forward for her debut in the Mayne Island Summer Group Show as well.

As you can see, there is a diverse collection of work in the show. We will be back to take another glance behind the Mayne Island Summer Group show curtain next Saturday before the opening the following week.

And here it is, next week already. Please come on over to Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 2

If you are thinking of coming, the Mayne Island B.C. website (which also has a link to the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce ) can help you with your planning.

Sprout Question: Where are you showing your creative pieces work this summer?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada