Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 1

A bright corner of Mayne Island is going to get even brighter on July 9, 2010 to September 1, 2010 with the opening of the Mayne Island Summer Group Show with work from about a dozen participants. Do you want to come? Yes I know, for some of you it is too far away. But for others it may be down the road or just a ferry ride for a weekend get away.

Most of you know, I live on the wee Mayne Island with about a 1,000 people year round and maybe 3,000 hanging around during the summer. These 23 square kilometers in the Southern Gulf Islands off the west coast of Canada are home to a thriving art, artisan and writing community with its own arts council. The Mayne Island Trincomali Community Arts Council hosts a series of art exhibits at the Mayne Island Reading Room or “the library” throughout the year.

Whether you will be sipping wine and nibbling treats at the opening with us, between 7:00 and 9:00 pm in the heart of Miner’s Bay, on the evening of July 9th or you must suffice with my blog review, I hope you enjoy the offerings.

Here is a sneak preview…

Author and artisan Leanne Dyck has submitted a natural fiber art hand knit purse appropriately named “Summer Daze” that is begging to be slung over a shoulder and taken to a summer picnic. I laid it gently on this fir bow to photography. It appears to be right at home.

Quasimodo Pottery creates unique, extremely high quality craftsmanship and functional art in its pottery pieces. Here is a group image of pottery from their website.

The Quasimodo casserole dish was featured recently Creative Potager in the post “Quiet Grace.

Artist and message therapist Shakeira Wynde’s vibrant abstract acrylic painting will fill the exhibit all by itself with its brilliant colours. She graciously allowed me to slip by her home and take this photo for our early viewing.

My oil painting “East Point Cliff” asked me to put her forward for her debut in the Mayne Island Summer Group Show as well.

As you can see, there is a diverse collection of work in the show. We will be back to take another glance behind the Mayne Island Summer Group show curtain next Saturday before the opening the following week.

And here it is, next week already. Please come on over to Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 2

If you are thinking of coming, the Mayne Island B.C. website (which also has a link to the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce ) can help you with your planning.

Sprout Question: Where are you showing your creative pieces work this summer?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

17 thoughts on “Mayne Island Summer Group Show part 1

  1. Terrill – What a fantastic sneak preview! I can hardly wait to see more. For those of us who can’t make it up/over there, we’ll just to live vicariously through you during that window of time. The photographs are great — thank you for sharing them.

    Sprout Question: Where are you showing your creative pieces work this summer?

    I’ve got a feature article about trees coming out in the Jul/Aug publication of “Evolving Your Spirit” magazine, and a piece about “mindfulness” coming out in the Aug/Sept publbication of “Sibyl Magazine.”

    • Thank you Laurie and I do hope you link us up when the articles come out. And I promise Laurie, I will try to get you the best seat at the show right here on Creative Potager… you won’t get to see everything lightly and it is not as pleasant as getting a real feel for a piece when viewing face-to-face… but I can guarantee that the back of someone’s head will not be blocking your enjoyment of the work and no one will accidentally spill red wine down the front of your new summer dress. I promise. Such things never been know to happen on my blog.

  2. Now, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve got a daughter who’s getting married in that same window of time (July 17th ?). How do you work through that bit of red tape (not the wedding, but being absent from the showing)?

    • I also have David’s son getting married tomorrow in Victoria… means an early ferry for me the morning and a day off line hanging out with our great kids.

      And yes, we will host the opening for July 9th and I will leave on July 10th to help my daughter with some of the pre-wedding details. Then returning to Mayne Island on Wed to catch up and then leaping off again on the early morning on Friday July 16th to begin a full two days of wedding celebrations starting with a BBQ on that evening.

      The show fortunately, after the opening night will be open for viewing during the library hours and a host of library volunteers are present to answer questions. So if the wind is at my back, I think it will all work out.

    • Yes Laurie I sure will.

      By the way, I want to mention that I have a colleague and photographer, soap maker among many other things, Barbara McIntyre, that is also helping to curate the Mayne Island Summer Group Show. She is designing all the hard copy posters and notices. As well, I am following her lead in putting the show up as I have never, ever hung a show before. My previous solo shows were hung by the gallery curators and as a past participant in a group show there were others who were responsible for the actual hanging. So once again, we have an example where if we put our skills into the same basket we are likely to come up with what we need.

  3. Ok, this morning’s sprout question made me shudder. And then, my insides went ut oh, don’t answer it, no one is forcing you…

    So, of course, I’m not going to listen. I haven’t shown any of my work in a face to face fashion since last summer. I wilted a little, ok perhaps a lot. I haven’t found any new photographic inspirations of late. I have shifted to daily written expressions here on wordpress. Many thoughts of late as to what worth is the effort, to me, and to others. I think if I had the skill, I’d do shells of me. I continue to get images of mud and other base materials applied like plaster to my body parts and then painted or marked, or having objects that are relevant to a moment attached to them. That sort of dry parched earth after a flood sort of look is often prominent of late. Thank you for your continued prompts.

  4. I was just about to send you the jpg that I took of my purse and then I read this blog. The picture is beautiful and much better than the one I would have supplied. So I’m glad I was late. Thank you so much for your article and your constant support, you, soon-to-be-proud-mother-of-the-bride, you. : )

    • You are welcome Leanne:)

      David’s son’s wedding is now successful completed in a very lovely intimate gathering of family and friends. And you are right, Josie’s is wedding is only 3 weeks away.

  5. Wow, busy times!! I do like dropping in on these chats. The show sounds like so much fun; it is always inspiring to see what others are doing.
    As for me, showing my work, my “Elfie” cow oil painting is almost finished its month of June showing at our local library in Armstrong. And I haven’t decided which painting and/quilt I will enter into the IPE fall fair in Armstrong. After that, we will see.

  6. hello Terrill, what fun to have two weddings and a show opening. These islands are full of talent and wonderful to see Mayne showcase the resident artists. It is an excuse to slide away from Galiano to our neighbour across Active Pass for a visit. We have two galleries full of amazing art and this summer the week to be here is July 30 to August 10th. Hope to see you!

    • Hello Nancy and thank you for leaving this great sprout addition to something close to home (for me anyway). Do you have a link that you could give us with more information? Readers from Vancouver and Victoria may also want to slip in to see the show.

  7. Wow! Well, I am hardly surprised, as it is clear to me that Mayne island has never been a home to slaggards. It’s an enriching environment, fueled by nature’s wonderments and sustained by love and appreciation. Oh, I’d love to step into this alternate universe, but the closest I’ll get to a respite in a five-day trip in August to the Jersey shore (Wildwood in Cape May County). I’ll surely send you on some photographs of that modest annual excursion, which includes the lovely and rustic Cape May townhouses.

    As to the sprout question, where else? LOL. At our film reviewing on-line depository!! Ha!

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