Pure Joy

Well, it has been more than a week since I posted. I am thinking about what to post. I want it to be good! It could be my newest photo of wild sunflowers but no, that is just not quite right.

Or it could a photo of our large extended family walk while we wait for the grandparents and great aunt to arrive (or great grandparents and great-great aunt depending on who was doing the referencing). Which is okay but probably only significant to me.

However, what I most want to post is about a moment of pure joy simply because I keep thinking about this moment over and over again.

You see, my sister and her family have a pool with house.

Actually, the house was there first and the pool was built last fall. It has a filtration pond and the swimming pool has no chemicals. Here I am dipping in my toes with the youngest family member.

You can see the filtration pond behind me. It will be filled with water plants in mid June.

Looking very natural and as if it had been there all along, the swimming pool has a great admirer – one nine year old boy. The water is about 17 degrees Celsius or 62 degrees Fahrenheit.  But this doesn’t seem to be a problem.

He is going down!

And he is in!

Somewhere in there?

The look of happiness.

Pure joy is unmistakable.

We have a camping trip for a week to plan this summer. Do you think it should be someplace where we can swim?

It was the most grand of grand weekends in a long while. Special thanks to my sister and her family for having us.

Sprout question: What could you have shared today but didn’t?

Best of the weekend everyone!

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