Pure Joy

Well, it has been more than a week since I posted. I am thinking about what to post. I want it to be good! It could be my newest photo of wild sunflowers but no, that is just not quite right.

Or it could a photo of our large extended family walk while we wait for the grandparents and great aunt to arrive (or great grandparents and great-great aunt depending on who was doing the referencing). Which is okay but probably only significant to me.

However, what I most want to post is about a moment of pure joy simply because I keep thinking about this moment over and over again.

You see, my sister and her family have a pool with house.

Actually, the house was there first and the pool was built last fall. It has a filtration pond and the swimming pool has no chemicals. Here I am dipping in my toes with the youngest family member.

You can see the filtration pond behind me. It will be filled with water plants in mid June.

Looking very natural and as if it had been there all along, the swimming pool has a great admirer – one nine year old boy. The water is about 17 degrees Celsius or 62 degrees Fahrenheit.  But this doesn’t seem to be a problem.

He is going down!

And he is in!

Somewhere in there?

The look of happiness.

Pure joy is unmistakable.

We have a camping trip for a week to plan this summer. Do you think it should be someplace where we can swim?

It was the most grand of grand weekends in a long while. Special thanks to my sister and her family for having us.

Sprout question: What could you have shared today but didn’t?

Best of the weekend everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. Terrill,

    I just thought I was missing your post, because I have not been a very constant follower of your blog as of late. I was over joyed to see your post, beautifully done. Yes young boys have no sense of coldness of a water, just the joy of swimming!
    Great idea for pool !

    I shared just what I wanted to today! So Far!

    • Jeff I took a few days off to visit with family and finish up another large project with one of my other hats on. I chair the Mayne Island Housing Options Task Force and we have just finished our research which included a community wide survey and interviews plus reviewing census information. We have been finalizing our recommendations and writing our report that is over 30 pages without the appendix. A big job but we are pleased with the results. I somehow didn’ t think I could manage all of this plus the final details for my solo exhibition and get a post out on Tuesday. So there you have it. I took a creative break from painting but had the most amazing time with family and finishing up the Task Force project.

      Dear readers, when Jeff says that he shared all that he wanted to today, let it be known that it is an absolutely stunning post call “Aspects of the Divine Mother.” It is well worth dropping by for a look and a read. Congratulations Jeff on yet another great post.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, the look of sheer bliss. Yes, you absolutely MUST camp where he can swim to his heart’s content — where he can fill his cup of joy over, and over again.

    Sprout question: What could you have shared today but didn’t?

    I could have shared that I’m really (!) looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend, or I could have prematurely shared some dandelion flowers that I photographed yesterday (but you’ll see those in a few weeks in an up-and-coming blog post).

    Glad to have you back — I missed my tonic (your regular posting schedule)…

    • Laurie as I mentioned to Jeff, I hit a crunch spot where I had to make some choices. As you know I am quite consistent with my posting schedule but this time something had to give. I had to decide what was going to matter ten years from now. I knew that if I didn’t go see my family while we had a chance to get together that I would regret it big time. I knew that if the Mayne Island Housing Options Task Force report was not the very best it could be, that this could have an impact on decisions made for the next 20 or so years. I also knew that if I told readers of Creative Potager when I was going to next post you would be disappointed but understanding.

      So now we are back on my regular posting schedule. But be warned. I am thinking about a reduced summer schedule for July and August. Something like once a week with the odd extra post thrown in for good measure. Do you think you can live with this?

      Will look forward to your dandelion flowers post in the future Laurie:)

      • Terrill – Not only can I live with it, I fully understand and respect it. Plus, you’ve got a huge art show coming up! It’s all about being positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing — that helps us to determine our priorities.

        Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh beautiful pool and smile of joy with no chemicals…delightful

    What could I have shared today but did not…yesterday I was picking up another copy of my mother’s Death Certificate and the clerk behind the counter asked me how my job hunt was going – she remembered me! I told her I was working on a new website where I offered up my great counseling skills as a professional listener on line – chatting, listening to folks who need to read out loud, analyzing “rants” and helping young couples learning how to problem-solve together…etc. It is called Wise Ears dot com…still under constructions but moving forward. The clerk said to me then as she handed me the certificate, “Well Oprah has just left a big vacancy, sounds like you are ready to take over and fill that spot!” It just tickled me right down to my toes and I thought of myself and the new Oprah all afternoon! (Only wiser)

    Oh I think I will write a post about that lovely clerk and her comment. Thank’s Terrell for sparking this idea 🙂

    • What a wonderful image Patricia. I can see why you are tickled. These are the kinds of experiences that allow us to step into our best. All the best with your new work and I am excited to see your new website when you get it up. Please make sure you come by and share the link.

  4. I was ready to dive in myself with “pure bliss” by again Laurie steals my jump! Ha, not really, these photos are suffused with love of family, nature’s spring beauty and the kind of mental pictorial dilemma we all wish we had. I’ll indulge in a few of those rapturous yellow sunflowers anyday, or a wade in the pool by the first-built house or holding a camera to document the nine-year-old having such a fantastic swim.

    I haven’t a photo but a delicious mind image of my sons Danny and Sammy laughing off their toushes this past Monday at the Buster Keaton Film Festival, when they watched “The Cameraman” and “The Playhouse” as part of a packed audience with live piano accompaniment. It’s indoors I know, by it brought a sustained smile to my face.

    I wish you and David and the family a wonderful extended weekend Terrill!

    • Thanks Sam. Our long weekend was last weekend but I am sure you will be spending some extra time with your family maybe doing some more laughing too. Your word picture of Danny and Sammy is enough for me to see it in full colour!

  5. oh terrill, the pool is so perfect.. i really want to swim..
    ps: love the high speed photos with frozen water pics..

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