Abandoned at Reef Bay

The sun, cool air and rolling mist found us out on shore of Reef Bay yesterday afternoon. The view defies my ability to find words.


Then I almost trip over this little fellow.

The seal pup has been abandoned by its mother or at the very least she had left it to rest. It eyes and nose were running and it can hardly move. Usually these animals will be in the sea before I can take a photo but this little one didn’t want to leave the shore. I backed away and observed it for awhile. When we get home I find the number for the Wildlife rescue. There is a chance they can rescue the pup so back I go to the site with my cell phone. This time I think the pup is already dead as it didn’t move when I approached. But finally it lifted its head and looked around when I was almost on top of it. But it did not seem to be doing very well. The staff from the wildlife rescue called to confirm with me that the seal was still there. A rescue team was dispatched. By now it was getting dusk and had been hours since I had first discovered the baby seal. I sat and watched a good distance away from the pup so as not to disturb it while it rested. Then, with no warning, it made a few weak bleating sounds, scrambled across twenty feet of shore rock, slipped into the water and swam out to sea. I lost sight of it in the dusk. We called the rescue off. I like to think that its mother called it. I like to think that it will survive. This is not likely.

Life and death are but a breath apart.

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Note: never touch or try to rescue a seal pup unless you are an experienced professional. Sometimes their mothers leave them to rest on shore while they feed and if you touch them or move them they may become separated when there is no need. If you see what appears to be an abandoned seal pup move as far away as possible (50 feet is recommended) and observe. If it is obviously in distress contact your local wildlife rescue centre for assistance. DO NOT try to rescue it yourself. Even a sick baby seal has a wicked bite.

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