Tea Time

I was frustrated waiting for spring so went out to the covered courtyard and started up my wood cook stove to make a cup of tea. While I was there I oiled the cast iron and wiped it all down.

By the time the water had boiled and tea was made I no longer cared if it was spring yet. I sat and read my book by the stove and let the rain and hail fight with the sun for space in the sky.

However, a few days later we drove by the field that has daffodils in the spring. These daffodils are part of Mayne Islands’ present that meets its past.

The tree alone at the back of the field always captures my attention.

So it is now spring blustery March weather and all.


I am away with family this week and shall not be on line all that much but wish you the very best of the week.


SPROUT: Where do past and present meet in your life today?


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