Tea Time

I was frustrated waiting for spring so went out to the covered courtyard and started up my wood cook stove to make a cup of tea. While I was there I oiled the cast iron and wiped it all down.

By the time the water had boiled and tea was made I no longer cared if it was spring yet. I sat and read my book by the stove and let the rain and hail fight with the sun for space in the sky.

However, a few days later we drove by the field that has daffodils in the spring. These daffodils are part of Mayne Islands’ present that meets its past.

The tree alone at the back of the field always captures my attention.

So it is now spring blustery March weather and all.


I am away with family this week and shall not be on line all that much but wish you the very best of the week.


SPROUT: Where do past and present meet in your life today?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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18 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Terrill – Love the black and white photos! Then I get to the color photos and equally love those! Have a wonderful time away with your family (I hope we get to see a few photos when you return).

    SPROUT: Where do past and present meet in your life today?

    In my stories.

    • Laurie I can see this often in your stories. I have one more day left of my vacation time yet my head is already starting to turn to the next projects that are on the horizon – but not so much that I am missing out… just enough forward thinking to pick up and order the balls in my life I set down for the past week.

  2. Hail and snow again today – the walk was windy this morning, but book group II meets tonight, it will warm me up…

    have a lovely week.

    Many of the old daffodils in our yard come up only as greens any more and this year it looks like the tulips are going to just be leaves too – crazy weather sometimes defeats

    • Seems we are still getting lots of hail and snow here in Vancouver as well Patricia. It is still cool today even with the sunshine. However, my son just insured his new motorbike so I am pretty sure nice weather is just around the corner. I am reading a new-to-me book right now The Seamstress – A Memoir of Survival by Sara Tuvel Bernstein with the help of her daughter and daughter-in-law (1997)

  3. Love that old stove Terrill, I remember one just like that from my childhood. Glad the daffodils are in bloom to bring some cheer your way. And happy to hear that you will be enjoying yourself with family this week. . .soon it will be April and more sun!

    • Yes soon it will be April Alison. More sun will be most welcome. This is the second cool to cold early spring we have had in a row. But the winters haven’t been all that bad so just the way it goes I guess.

  4. Wonderful monochrome photos, and a real sense of past and present with the return to color. We have been treated or regaled (depending how you look at it) with balmy weather in the mid 70’s teh last few days that has instigated the early return of the air conditioner at home and at school. I do yearn for your blustery weather and to take in those lovely sights first-hand.

    Ha! Past and present actually do meet today most remarkably in today’s fifth-grade writing assignment which asks students to make believe they fell asleep during a history lesson, while reading their favorite story at the same time. They are asked to use their imagination to re-write that story in the time of the history lesson.

  5. The past and present express themselves right now, with where I am at the moment in Vermont (Wallingford), delivering my Mom to her friends house. While I go in search for sleep at the moment and photo opportunities tomorrow in around the country side!
    Spring has been very present for us in the past few days…

    • Jeff sometimes I think about how much your mom must enjoy having you keep her company and how you seem to take care of and support each other. You don’t often talk about it but so have gleaned this (rightly or wrongly) from the bits shared in our years of blogging conversation. Time goes by so quickly as we live our day-to-day lives and consciously noticing and appreciating those we live with can be forgotten in familiarity. I like it when you share your noticing.

    • Yes!!!! They must have finally fixed or restored what was messed up Leanne. Good to have you back here. As you know I have been away and am still away until later tomorrow. David has been looking after things at home and from the emails I am receiving doing a fine job of it as well. I shall be back on our lovely island midday tomorrow though.

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