Mayne Island Backyard Bandit Capers



Mayne Island is a quite rather bucolic southern Gulf Island off the west coast of Canada. But this island has also been known to have its share of mischief. There are roving masked bandits during the night that frequently get up to no good. It is worth keeping an eye out for them just to be on the safe side. Let’s see if I can assist you in knowing what you are looking for. Ah yes, here comes one now…

“Who me?” she says.

Yes you! We are talking about you Miss Curious Cat.

“Well how interesting” she softly growls.

But then she thinks “what else could I possibly expect with such frequent trips through their property?”

“Lovely evening isn’t it?” and she almost smiles before looking farther up the tree to make sure the children safe.

Three of these are hers and one is the baby of a good friend of hers who is guarding the bottom of the tree and too hidden by the underbrush to get an identifying mugshot. The tree is like a raccoon hotel at the moment with the guests swinging from the rafters.

I suspect that they stopped at the compost fruit and salad bar before coming up because they sure know how to be entertaining and silly. Raccoon tail hat anyone?


If you do see any of this masked bandits do keep your distance. These photographs were taken with a telephoto lens so you can get good look at them. They may look cute but are fierce and can be aggressive if cornered. If you note those powerful back legs it is easy to see why they can spring a good distance to attach if they feel threatened or their young are in danger.

SPROUT: Who have you recently caught roaming around your yard at night?


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