The Great Blue Heron and creativity

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I share the Great Blue Heron with us today. The heron is a bird of patience, fishing for hours to catch its dinner. It is graceful as it sits, and often awkward when it takes flight — with the most retched voice, reminding me of prehistoric times. I find it unfortunate that such a beautiful bird has such a horrible song. Yet that strange song echos and has us looking around to see where it is coming from. Meanwhile the heron, in its awkwardness, takes flight and flies to safety.  I love the heron for reminding me that in order to love a part of myself (or another) I must live and accept the whole and learn when to be still, when to sing and when to fly.

I gift us the heron to remind us that we are not one thing or one way all of the time in our creativity – and there is a reason… even if we can’t see that reason in the moment.

Sprout Question: How do you acknowledge and honour the different parts of yourself in your creativity?

© 2009 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

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