Sun pressing through

The sun waits for no one. My plan was to paint today. However, I awake to a frosty cool soft winter-blue sky with the sun pressing its way through the firs. We have had rain and fog for days. Change of plan. I shall be devouring a late breakfast and then out trek around with camera over my shoulder. (First figuring out why my camera won’t download today’s image, leaving me to use a photo from about the same time of year and day from last season – we have no snow today.)

View full resolution image here.

[updated 11:58 am adding this morning’s image that has now download after much tinkering]

View full resolution here.

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2 thoughts on “Sun pressing through

  1. I love the way the branches stand with open arms in the tree. Love to try to photograph the feeling of that. I am also admiring your sun. Could you send some east? It would be much appreciated.

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