Stand with Haiti

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Yesterday, in a sea of compassion and despair for Haiti, I went for my usual walk with camera in hand. The image Stand with Haiti symbolizes renewal and hope. The rose-hip is the brightest element in our gray, wet, January, West Coast landscape. One can be consumed by the gloom, if it were not for the rose-hip hanging from a leafless branch drawing attention to the new shoots starting to sprout. As the waves washed the sandstone with rhythmic regularity behind me, I discovered the possibility for renewal and hope for Haiti in this rose-hip.

Sprout Question: Is your creativity ever a call to inspire action?

(I have a very special connection to Haiti as my step-daughter, Nikki, volunteered twice for Clean Water for Haiti. But even if I didn’t have familial insight into Haiti, I would want to do something. For those interested in donating, here is the link to AVAAZ Stand with Haiti: )

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