Stand with Haiti

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Yesterday, in a sea of compassion and despair for Haiti, I went for my usual walk with camera in hand. The image Stand with Haiti symbolizes renewal and hope. The rose-hip is the brightest element in our gray, wet, January, West Coast landscape. One can be consumed by the gloom, if it were not for the rose-hip hanging from a leafless branch drawing attention to the new shoots starting to sprout. As the waves washed the sandstone with rhythmic regularity behind me, I discovered the possibility for renewal and hope for Haiti in this rose-hip.

Sprout Question: Is your creativity ever a call to inspire action?

(I have a very special connection to Haiti as my step-daughter, Nikki, volunteered twice for Clean Water for Haiti. But even if I didn’t have familial insight into Haiti, I would want to do something. For those interested in donating, here is the link to AVAAZ Stand with Haiti: )

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6 thoughts on “Stand with Haiti

  1. This is the skill I’m hoping to develop this year, in fact Terrill. “Using my creativity to inspire a call to action.” Before I had this inspiration, (that I could use my own talent and creativity to cause others to think about their place in the world) I didn’t see the purpose in drawing and painting even if I was very good at it. But now I’ve seen the purpose to my passion and I’ve enrolled in watercolor classes to jumpstart my own creativity.

    As I think a little more, I do remember a time in the early ’90s when I was in Seattle. I went to a community artist center where participants would all make an artwork and donate it to an auction to benefit AIDS research. I painted a bright red A with a nice background and called it “the new scarlet letter”. I had just finished reading The Scarlet Letter in high school wherein the adultress was forced to wear the A on her lapel as an embarrassing punishment. That piece was one of the first to sell.

  2. Is your creativity ever a call to inspire action?

    My creative, non-fiction writing is always a summons to action; a clarion call to inspire a positive, uplifting, constructive and healing ripple effect.

  3. Terrill: I used your link to find Avaaz on Facebook, saw your comment there, and donated what we could. This, after hearing that Marianne Williamson call today touching on action and activism. If you hadn’t placed a link, I wouldn’t know who to trust my money with.

    • Glad I could be of help Jessica. I’m sure there are many great places to donate to help Haiti. AVAAZ is just one I have confidence in from past experience. I too sent what we could. And thanks for dropping back with your follow up story… made my day.

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